I'm getting an interest in Paper Mache

toomuchglassSeptember 19, 2010

I did it in grade school - that's how long ago it was !

Now I'm thinking about making my own forms to mosaic or decoupage. Has it changed any ? Flour & water & strips of newspaper ? Such a simple craft with tons of potential !!

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I did this project with our girl scout troop. They all screamed when I stuck my hands in the "batter" But, once they did it, and started using it, they couldn't believe how fun it was. We made animals (I pre-made the forms with aluminum foil) based on Oaxaca folk art. The following week we painted them. It takes a while to dry.
So yes, I did it the old-fashioned way: flour, water, newspaper strips.

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I have just used the stuff you wet & mold, we made old fashioned Santas 1 year. I still have mine. How about using stuff you cross shed in paper shredder, sure would be easier than stripping papers! Jan

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You can add lint from your dryer into the paste to hold better. And maybe a layer of tissue or napkins (taken down to one ply) to be a bit smoother and you can sand it lightly before you cover.

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hey TMG :D
last year I did some Halloween candy totes. I blew up small balloons and did it the old fashioned way with glue and torn strips of newspaper. I used Aleen's tacky glue in some water, and put a few strips of paper in it at a time. When I liked the look, I added some colored tissue paper to finish, but I think painting would be easier. I don't know how sturdy it would be to mosaic,lol, but they sure did get hard! I remember my daughter making a pinata for school that the class had to saw open, though :D hehe

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