26' Wall Oven replacement??

sotodogDecember 13, 2010

My mother in law has a 30 year old wall oven we would like to replace. The cabinent that it is in is 27". Was there ever such a thing as a 26" wall oven? We can't read the model number other than it is a General Electric brand. What are our options if we should want to replace it? I am guessing that the 27" would be too big for the cabinent. We were hoping to surprise her so we haven't gone as far as removing the oven nor do we want to buy new cabinets.

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I think a 27" oven should fit: check the installation dimensions (usually in the manual - most of which are available online), because I think they are usually designed with a 'lip' to overlap the cabinet sides, if that makes sense.

For example, this is a Whirlpool installation sheet, with exact requirements, and it calls for 26.5" actual interior width.

Hope that helps! I'm sure others will have better information.

Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool installation dimensions

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I took this from the GE website, for one of their 27" ovens, which should help you see the precise cabinet requirements:

Approximate Shipping Weight 140 lb
Net Weight (lbs.) 128 lb
Overall Height 30 in
Overall Width 26 5/8 in
Overall Depth 23 5/8 in
Cabinet Width 27 in
Cutout Dimensions (w x h x d) (in.) 25 x 27 5/8 x 23 5/8
Oven Interior Dimensions (W x H x D) (in.) 21-1/2 x 17 x 18-1/4

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I am in the same boat as sotodog. My 30+ year old GE wall oven is exactly 26 inches wide. The cabinet that the oven is in is original to our house and only sticks out about 1/32 inch wider than the oven. Actually the oven is below the microwave, and I believe they are fixed together in a single unit from GE. There is no way a 27 inch oven will fit in the cabinet. So the question remains the same...is our only option to remodel the kitchen cabinets just to replace the oven? I've seen 24 inch wall ovens, but I suspect those would leave an obvious and unsightly gap. All advice appreciated.

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I just replaced my 24" GE oven with microwave attached with 27" inch double convection/microwave ovens. The old one was a 23 yr. old dinosaur. I only had 3 choices as to brands to fit in the tight cabinet. 3/4 inches along the sides of the cabinet had to be trimmed, but the ovens fit perfectly and even though they are larger ovens they look so much nicer with slimmer lines and large glass doors. I can now fit my large roaster pan!
If you go with a single oven, the cabinet can be easily modified with trim and moldings. The installer acted as it was no big deal and said he had to do it all the time. Good luck to you.

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stacieann63 --

I'm in the same position, getting ready to replace a nearly 25-year old 24" Kenmore double oven. My oven cabinet is 27". How wide/deep was your oven cabinet? What were your 3 choices (what cut-out dimensions did you need). And such. Thanks.

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Thanks stacieann. I spoke to a Lowe's appliance salesman yesterday, and he seemed to agree with what you are saying. He looked up a spec sheet and found that the minimum cabinet width for a new 27" GE wall oven was actually 25". It makes me wonder where the 27" GE wall oven actually measures 27". The cutout for my oven is probably about 25" - 26" I need an expert to come out and figure out exactly what ovens I qualify for based on the size of the cabinet. I'm looking for local shops that specialize in replacing large appliances rather than using the big box stores.

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Actually I finally located a model number for the oven....it's J-KP77G007 BG, manufactured Feb 1985. So it is a 25 year old, as opposed to a 35 year old wall oven like I previously thought.

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dogwind --

Take a look back at sara the brit's post (#3). The external width of GE ovens is 26-5/8"; the minimum cabinet width needed is 27." The 25" figure is the cut-out width needed. Also check the depth of your cabinet.

As noted, I am in a similar position. Will need to have an installer come out and measure properly (and also determine whether the internal dimensions could be expanded if needed, by shaving the wood or whatever); hence, no big box store.

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I'm also in a similar position. Our GE double micro/oven is 24 7/8 in wide and the cabinet it's in won't accommodate the 27 in Frigidaire that we had selected. Does anyone know who makes the smaller size (25 in for me)?? Thanks

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Go with a Delonghi. They are made in odd size increments such as 24 inches.

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I'm in the same boat. My problem is that the cabinet is right next to the wall. So that 3/8" is not a lot of room for the door to open and shut without scraping the wall. And that is if the 3/8" is all on the wall side. Putting in a smaller oven would require refacing the cabinet frame and I'm not sure how easy that would be without doing some damage. And who wants a smaller oven anyways?! We rent, so this is not just an easy fix to replace the whole kitchen which is what I would do as it is original. Anyone figure this out yet?

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"27 inch" wall ovens are called that because they're made to fit in 27" wide cabinets; the oven itself is often less wide, and the cabinet cutout narrower still.

Does Frigidaire still make the 27" single oven with a side-hinged door?

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Just a point to consider.I'm replacing my 1961 24" wall oven, and I was sorry (and shocked) to discover that new 30" ovens have the same - or less- interior space as my current oven. I think you should be able to find a 27" oven to fit the current space, but you should definitely see one in person, perhaps take the largest roasting pan, or measure the interior of the old and new ovens to see if your MIL will have the same amount of space. This problem may not apply to ovens that are *only* 25 years old. (Young whippersnappers compared to my grand old lady!)

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Haven't been here on AP forum in awhile.
Ginny- 1961! Wow, they don't build them like they used to!My old 24" GE oven measured 19" wide on the interior. My new 27" oven measures 24" wide.

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Stacieann, my oven is a jewel. It has french doors. It's a Frigidaire, back from when Frigidaire was part of GM. The interior measures only about 16" wide, but it goes 21" deep. I measure the actual space a pan could go, not the furthest wall-to-wall measure. It's a double oven (the bottom oven is smaller.)It still works fine because there's nothing on it to break - and it's not self-cleaning. It kills me to give it up, but I really have to.

The 30" wall ovens I measured (Elux,KA,LG,GE) had interiors 21-22" wide and 15-16" deep. I was shocked. I think the new ones have more insulation than mine.

Sotodog -If I were getting a 27" oven, I would definitely consider the Frigidaire 27" side swing door oven. A side swing door is a wonderful thing. I think they do still make them in black and white but not stainless.

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Frigidaire used to make *ranges* with side-hinged French doors too. 30" wide, two 15"w doors. Much easier to insert and retrieve food, since you didn't have to lean over a swing-down door. They had so many innovative cooking appliances - retractable cooktops, upper-wall ovens with all-glass panels that glided straight upwards.

The large interiors of old ovens were often because they weren't as well insulated (and thus less energy-efficient) than new ovens. Worse, they sometimes used asbestos for insulation.

Fagor has a 24"w side-swing oven. So does Gaggenau though they're alot more expensive; they have a 30" side-swinger too, but they've evidently dropped their longstanding 27" or 70cm ovens.

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We have the 27" GE Profile single oven and it seemed to be about 26"wide in front. Could be a knob or nut sticking out that makes the spec. different where I couldn't measure. I think they specify a minimum air gap at sides and top to prevent fires from overheating wood cabinets.

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OH boy. I was just looking for help on the same issue. I have a 1961 wall oven as well, GE, and its temperatures are totally off and won't stay consistent, plus it's so filthy I don't think I would ever be able to get it clean. So, it's clearly time for a replacement.

I am concerned about not having enough space to install a larger oven. The ancient cabinetry bumps out where the oven is installed and there's only a bit of space on eiher side of it. so I think I have to have the same exact size of oven.

However, in a few years we plan to redo our kitchen, and I don't want to spend $1000 on something that we'll just want to replace in a few years!

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