December: Three new Wolf E series oven styles

new_morningDecember 11, 2013

Wolf decided to switch their E series oven styles, now "Contemporary" (black), "Transitional" (unframed/tubular handle), and "Professional" (framed/pro-handle).

Unfortunately for me, none the new styles match my oven stack (was planning to get monogram Advantium.)

My main question is: Are there any changes we should expect from the performance or quality of the new E-series? Or is this purely an aesthetic change?

I read in the past about some blue paint chipping issues with older E series models (has it been addressed by this point?)

Most people want the latest model, since I would assume Wolf would have addressed any "problems" in the upgrade. Should I try searching to purchase the older model for aesthetic reasons (haven't had any luck with dealers yet), or is it in my best interest to buy the newest model? I realize it may be early to know at this point, but thought I'd see if anyone out there has thoughts. Thanks.

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I have been following this as well. I've been trying to narrow down my appliance decisions and have a hard time deciding on an oven when they are bringing out 3 new models. I am hoping the blue porcelain issue is fixed. I don't know if this correct, but I believe the convection is standard on the E now for both ovens. Then there is the professional one coming out which doesn't have all the electronics in the panel. I'm having a hard time spending $6k on an older model with porcelain issues and the L series is going away completely. I went across town to see the new 30" column refrigerator yesterday. Would be interested to hear more feedback!

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They have made the bottom of the new wall ovens removable so that it will be cheaper to repair. They have not done this with the range. If you buy the oven, make sure it has this feature. Nothing to indicate that they have actually fixed the actual enamel.

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The New E series double ovens will only have convection in the upper oven. The control panels on all three models are the same. The L series will be replaced by the new M series and will have newly designed convection fans in the corners of the ovens. Hopefully the porcelain issues will be gone.

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i love new M series design, but they are not coming out until March, i thinkâ¦

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