What's your favorite season?

grandma_bonnieSeptember 17, 2008

As you can tell... I am starting a bunch of threads to take that scammer down to the next page....

Sooooo - what is your favorite season? I love Christmas, but I love being busy and summer is when I am the busiest... Next???

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I love fall, because of the clear crisp weather - I love the beautiful colors and of course, it is craft show season, so that means lots of money in my pockets! What's not to love about that?


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It's hard to choose between Spring and Fall. It's so hot down here in the Summer, that it hurts to breathe,lol, so doing anything outside is pretty much out. Winter is iffy, but not nearly as bad as Summer, unless it gets cold, because then it goes right through your clothes and into your bones. In Spring, you get to work a flower bed and see them grow, and the grass smells so good the first time you mow it. But in Fall the weather is mostly perfect, and I love the first smell of burning leaves and sitting out with a bon fire at night listening to the classic rock station. I guess I can't choose my favorite, but I do know Summer would be my least favorite!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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I love fall because of the beautiful colors. That is, until it starts getting colder LOL.

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I love Fall for that means our endless summer heat is finally on its way out, and also that I can start decorating for Thanksgiving and Xmas with all the colors I love. Purples and dark greens especially. But any deep jewel colors are wonderful, I'm just not a pastel person.

hugs, Karen

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I'm another Fall lover!!! I just love the crisp air, all the Fall colors. Putting a pot of chili on and making some cookies!!! Oh Man, I just love it!!! I just wished it would last longer. For some reason, that's when I become more creative. I like making new Fall and Halloween crafts. Love driving down the roads, except for I like being the passenger. My eyes are roaming all over the place. Looking for bittersweet, buckeyes, the sunflowers growing in the bean and corn fields. Harvesting sweet annie. And seeing the pumpkins and gourds stands in peoples yards. And baking apple and pumpkin deserts!!!OH my, Did I tell you I love Fall???

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LOL >> cheri..that's a 'Tough Act' to follow!! I love Fall, for all the SAME reasons as cheri!! I even baked some zucchini bread and some cookies the other night b/c there was a little 'nip' in the air!! I have to agree, this time of year just inspires you to do so much and also b/c of all the nice Holidays that are coming up to do it all for!!

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Up here in VT it's definitely autumn! The changing of the trees bring tourists from all over the world. The craft shows are our Christmas!

I love the crisp autumn air in the morning (it's 35 degrees outside as I type). The brilliant colors make me wish I had some art talent so I could capture the beauty outside my door.

As the fall turns colder it's time to light the woodstove for the winter. The fire in the hearth and the smell of woodsmoke in the air on a snowy November evening while walking my dog just reasures me that all's well.

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oh my gosh.....all the beautiful word-pictures you've painted for me of Fall. It was once again over 100 here, and the nights still high 70s. We don't have real Fall weather until around Nov. I so envy all the beauty you are now seeing. Phoenix never has such color!! Green or desert brown is all. No seasons here.
Well, maybe two seasons....HOT or NICE.


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In the northern part of VT is a resort town called Stowe. The running joke is they have 10 months of winter and 2 months of bad skiing.

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old-vt-crafter, My dream is to make it some day to the New England states during the Fall season. I hear it is absolutely gorgeous that time of year.

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First off, I want to tell Kudzukween how thrilled I am to see she has a blog! I've always loved all your posts and pics, you are soooo creative! I know I will enjoy visiting your blog. ;o)

I love all the word pictures you ladies have painted. Spring and Fall are both favorites of mine, but now that I think about it, I think I love Fall the best for many of the same reasons all of you listed. Just such a "homey" feeling in the Fall.

Cheri, I so related to what you said about driving down the roads and looking at all the flowers and foliage. We just got home from a motor home trip to Iowa and I so loved the wild sunflowers along the roadsides and all the cattails everywhere. I really wanted to stop and pick some to enjoy.

I've seen Tennessee and North Carolina in the Fall with all those pretty trees. Someday, I'd love to visit states like Vermont to see their Fall leaves too.

Like Karen in Phoenix, it's still HOT here in So. Ca., supposed to get up to 100 degrees today!

Now that you've all got me in the mood, I'd better go to my storage shed and get my Fall decorations out--thanks for motivating me! ;o)


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If anyone is interested in what we see all year round, here's a link to some photos of our neck of the woods. You can click on th ephoto to bring it up full size. The covered bridge is in our town.

Here is a link that might be useful: Vermont scenes

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Fall for sure....Love the colors and the cooler air. Then Spring....And new life....

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old vt crafter, those photos are just incredible to me!
And since I'm not only nuts about Fall....I'm also nuts about horses, old red barns, and covered bridges!
What the heck am I doing in Phoenix???
Oh yeah, my 3 kids and 8 grandkids. LOL


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old vt crafter, Those pics are so awesome!!! I guess they say a pic is the next best thing!!! I hope some day I will be able see it in person. So beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.

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Those pictures are all really gorgeous. Really love the scenes with all the mountains covered in trees. While the Winter scenes are so pretty, I can't help but remember that there should be some of slick, icy roads and shoveling mountains of snow off the walks! LOL (I'm a former Midwesterner, so know about those things.) ;o) Luvs

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old vt crafter, I love those pictures!!! They also make great desktop wallpaper, too. Right now, I've got the large 2 story house with the 2 trees that have fall foliage out front set as mine. One question, though. What is the guy doing in the very first picture? It shows him cleaning some piece of metal machinery?

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The first photo is a maple syrup evaporator.

In spring the sugar maples give up their sap. Some hang buckets and collect it while others attach plastic lines downhill to a collector. It then is carried to a "sugarhouse" where it is boiled down (as is shown in the photo) to remove the water, and what's left is delicious maple syrup.

It takes 40 gallons of sap to make one gallon of syrup.

That photo is a modern operation. Some sugarhouses are over 150 years old and the same family has been doing it since then. Many have wood fires and the glow can be seen from the next farm. It's tough backbreaking work and the sugarmakers work until midnight. It's a sight to see.

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Thanks for the pictures - beautiful country!

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old-vt-crafter, my first thought was that the machine had something to do with maple syrup. Thank you for the info!

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