Wolf DF Misting sides for steam

ead51December 2, 2012

I am nervous about gently spraying warm water on the sides of my oven because I don't want to harm the coating.

I am baking bread and thinking about using this tequnique.

I could use some feedback.


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And you are nervous why?

I'm tempted to say, RTFM.

What Wolf's manuals tell you to not do is this: do not under any circumstances put a wet sponge on hot oven walls because that can produce thermal shock that will cause the finish to crackle.

But notice that the manual does not say -- "do not even think about misting anything, either." Nor does it say: "As a a matter of fact, this oven is only meant to have aesthetic appeal, so do not even try cooking in this oven because outgassing or steam from cooking might make the oven look less attractive."

Seriously, I started misting bread way back in the the previous century. I have never had a problem with this damaging the oven walls or harming the heating elements. (Of course, you do understand that I have never taken a hose and sprayed the oven elements while they were heating, but I am sure you are not talking above that.)

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I've been misting bread in my Wolf DF for the past three years.
I make bread about three times a month.
After three years, the beautiful blue interior looks as good as new.

Like you, I was worried at first because of the advice in the Wolf manual.
So I try to make sure that I am more or less misting the bread
and not the oven walls. So far, so good.

JWVideo's post above is sensible and encouraging.
I'll also be curious what others think.

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Thnx Francoise - I did put a dry cast iron skillet while pre-heating to the suggested 500 degrees. Then at temp w/bread on stone put a cup of water in the skillet for steam and misted the sides of the oven just 2X. The bread book suggested I not mist the bread because it would compromise the look. The bread came out fabulous however, I think I'm getting more into Epicurious ground now but I am curious how your bread looks.
Thnx again.

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