Early Christmas ornament ideas, with instructions

sheriAugust 11, 2008

I just thought I'd share some crafty Christmas ornament ideas.

I work with my church each year to put on a Christmas workshop for the kids. We accumulate the materials for the kids to make their own handmade ornaments. The kids run from room to room making as many crafts as they can. There are between 25-30 different crafts, and we go through up to 300 of each. We usually have nearly 1000 people attend.

The cost needs to be low, under 75 cents each. And we need a variety of styles/difficulties to cover the range of ages. This will be our 10th year and the crafts have really improved over the years. It has really developed into a tradition for many families.

Anyway, I've been putting together a website with the ideas and materials/instructions for the crafts since everyone would ask me for the information afterwards. I thought you might like to see, since we're just getting into that season (sad to say in August, but I know WE have to start early.) And I've already got 10 new/original ideas for this year that I'm getting ready to post, plus I need to go back and post some of the earlier years.

The website is childmadecrafts.com (or just childmade.com) Let me know what you think! By the way, I'm always looking for ideas too! (Off-topic, there's also a section for artwork ideas for school fundraising auctions, if you happen to get hooked into that responsibility. BTDT!)

Here is a link that might be useful: craft ideas

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sheri, I don't have any ideas, but you sure did give me some!! I went to your site, and there are so many cute ornaments shown there. They may be for kids, but I'd make them myself! I especially liked the lightbulb gingerbread guy (and doggone if I didn't throw away a burned out lightbulb the other day). I also liked the snowman pail. Where did you buy pails that small? Thank you for sharing your crafts...I bookmarked that site.

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oh, and your clothespin angel is beautiful!! So was baby Jesus!!

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Wonderful job!! Thank you so much for sharing!!


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Thanks Donna! We try to come up with "quality" crafts, so the adults aren't bored to tears for 3 hours. We got a little tired of the pre-packaged "foam" crafts, if you know what I mean. We have quite a number of ladies that come without kids because they like them too.

We also try to focus a lot on recycling, or "out of the box" ideas for things, like the lightbulbs and chip-clips. Feel free to share the ideas and the website. I'm soon to be unemployed, so I should have more time on my hands to update the page. Eventually I hope to be selling things from it. It's so much more my passion than computer programming.

BTW, the little pails can be gotten at any wedding favor supply store. We happened across them at the Dollar Tree for 3/$1! It was a steal! We bought all we could find before I even knew what we were going to do with them. Of course, we do that a lot. Since we're so conscious of pricing, we buy things on clearance or after Christmas and then figure out later what we'll do with it. For example, my partner in this event salvaged her neighbor's cedar fence this summer and then asked "What can we do with this?" We decided it's going to be a decorated birdhouse this year. I'll be putting that on the website shortly, I hope.

Thanks for your compliments and enjoy! And keep checking back!

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