Looking for a house plan I will love

mrshalfNovember 15, 2013

I have been having trouble finding a house plan that incorporates:
a large front porch
a screened rear deck
first and second floor masters (or room so we can make that work - inlaws moving in)
two/three other bedrooms
a multipurpose room or large loft (homeschool space)
husband wants minimal roof pitches and simple design

love this but can't find any plan info on it

wnat an open floor plan with large kitchen and large eating space - not necessarily a dining room
extra sitting area either in first floor master or somewhere on first floor
Thinking roughly 3500 square feet.
Any ideas? We're looking at this but I'm not "in love" with it.

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Please put the URL into the Optional Link box so we can find it without cutting and pasting.

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Here you go.
It's bigger, 4011 sf, but it's got 2 masters, a schoolroom on the lowest level, front porches and back screened porches, a reasonable roof line, albeit 3 dormers, and it's the center entrance you like.

Here is a link that might be useful: Center_Entrance_w_Porches

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You could contact Jamison Howard, the builder, at his company:

Max G. Crosby Construction Co. Inc.
8 Cutchin Court
Charleston, South Carolina 29414

Office- 843.766.9976

If you really want to love an unusual house you will probably have to hire a designer.

Here is a link that might be useful: Jamison Howard

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mlweaving - I'm so impressed with how well that house fits with the OP's description!

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Thanks very much for the help everyone. I am closely examining the suggested plan, mlweaving.
If anyone has other suggestions, I will be checking in.

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I think that you will have trouble finding that in a pre-made plan. Two master suits are not common and they will trend to be very big and formal as the one suggested above.

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Check out New Carolina Island house. It's a Southern Living plan.

I would use the keeping room and media room to the left of the kitchen as homeschool areas (keeping room for classroom and media room for study desks and storage).

Here is a link that might be useful: New Carolina Island House

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Easiest way to get exactly what you want is to higher an architect or designer. Your home is the biggest investment you will ever make, why not get it designed for you and your lifestyle. Buying one off the internet isn't always cheaper. You may need to make a lot of modifications for where you are building it, which means you will be hiring someone anyway. Even then, it still may not be exactly what you want.

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Oh, Love that Low Country House Plan!

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Thought I would say thanks to everyone and post a follow up. We are currently thinking the Don Gardner Arbordale for exterior and using a four down, four up, two wing type interior. We chose and closed on 10 acres in Central Virginia.
Thoughts so far on the house...
Four down: kitchen, great room, dining and flex room
Four up: master, three bedrooms
Two wings: garage and master - with bonus room over garage

I'm having trouble working out mudroom, powder room and walk in pantry but the meeting with the architect and builder should work that out. The inspiration kitchen I am loving is the the same one linked here with the scullery). Link below. As such, the long layout with breakfast area is making the kitchen a challenge, all floor plans I've looked at are ushaped kitchens with sep. dining room.

We are going to meet with an architect who will give us his thoughts (he is a friend) then possibly with a design build firm to talk about having them do drawings and get it under roof.

I NEVER knew it would be so much work just to find a plan that works for us. Who knew finding a house for 7 with homeschool and old folks needs would be so exhausting. Owner build - design build firm - lone class A contractor - sooo many choices.

Here is a link that might be useful: Las Lomas Kitchen

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I like the Arbordale exterior and it is one that we were considering. I like simple design and outdoor living space also, we have decided to go with something similar to the Brentwood exterior and modify it to a full two story with upstairs master. We don't currently need a first floor master, but will make the study larger with a full bathroom in case we need to move downstairs someday.

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The DH windows, cross gables and cornice returns on the Arbordale facade are large but the most important central architectural feature, the Palladian window, is severely undersized in an inexplicably smaller cross gable as if these features had been borrowed from a half scale playhouse. The little rectangular vents in the gables indicates the designer did not understand attic venting any better than Colonial Revival design.

Such too narrow porches and reduced scale upper floor features work very well at DisneyWorld but not in the real world.

If you want these features to work well together and form a well proportioned traditional house you should look beyond internet plans.

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"Such too narrow porches and reduced scale upper floor features work very well at DisneyWorld but not in the real world."

I think your response is rude and uncalled for. I don't think I'd call your plan for your house Disney world-ish even if I hated it.
I realize sitting with an architect would be ideal but I'm not sure that's an option for us financially.

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Regarding the Olde Park Residence - Sheri Nester in Charleston is actually the architect and I just spoke with her on the phone, so thanks for spurring that phone call.

We'll see what happens :)

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I'm not familiar with the Olde Park Residence. I'm an architect so even if a client gave me a design from the internet I would start from the beginning and analyze their needs, site conditions,etc. To me finding internet designs is starting a the end of a design process and working backward. I think homeowners deserve better than that and I try to provide it for them.

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It's the one I initially said I liked.

I understand the process, I just can't AFFORD the process. I do thank you for your time and instruction. Happy to be constantly learning.

We are meeting with a friend who is an architect and he will help us get a design on paper today from our spoken needs. It does seem like everyone starts with a floor plan they like and modify it, I am just having trouble even finding that initial floor plan that works (I like alot of them but that is not enough) because our needs are so specific.

Don't know how to do multiple links but I like this exterior as well. Would you say less - Disneyish? I certainly would.

Here is a link that might be useful: Olde Park Residence

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that looks very nice. Very similar to our next door neighbor's at the new property.

How many square feet/bedrooms is it with modifications? Care to talk about how you had it modified - I'm guessing with an architect after you bought the internet plan?

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An architect can actually save you money in the long run. Revising plans to specific site conditions and local code requirements can actually cost more than starting from scratch. And revising. And revising. And revising.

I also agree with the comments regarding the inappropriate scale of some of the features of that plan. The porch is the best feature, but the gables and windows aren't working and DO look cartoonishly scaled compared to the rest. Scale and proportion are important. As is learning about classical styles and why they remain important to reference correctly. They got it right! And if you're going to copy something, copy something that works and got it right.

Look for the book linked below at your local library or buy a used copy. It's very helpful in evaluating how to create a cohesive look. And try to avoid the builder clichés of too many bump outs and too many gables and too many inappropriate windows. Builders and mill plan architects think that adorning a home willy nilly with "features" gives it interest, when what it really does is show their ignorance of design.

Here is a link that might be useful: What Not to Build

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