Ready to gouge my eyes out.

westtoeastDecember 2, 2011

I know this has been discussed before, but I can't find any threads comparing these particular ranges...anyone care to weigh in? Please?

We are looking for a 36" all gas range. Budget is 5k max.

-Tempted by the Thermador Pro Harmony because of the free dishwasher, but have found very few reviews of this model (there is only 1 on AJMadison, although the buyer gave it 5 stars). Has Thermador gone the way of Viking over the last few years? I have also read that the thermador emerald series dishwashers are not great (those are the ones included in the promo).

-Went to Eurostoves yesterday and LOVED the 36" CC, but alas it is not in our price range.

-Considering the Capital Precision, manual clean.

- Also still in the running is a 36" Bertazzoni. The two main draws are obviously price point and looks.

We are a family of 5 (3 kids under the age of 7), and I am far from a gourmet cook. I use the burners MUCH more often than the oven, but we do cook for groups of 12-14 several times/year. This will be our only oven.

I feel like I have researched this to the nth degree and am still ending up lost and confused. My husband is so over me right now ;-).

I don't really trust appliance dealers...after all, the guy we really liked was trying to sell us on Jen-air. Have read nothing but negative things about Jenn Air ranges, he must get a kick-back of some kind.

Please, someone just tell me what to buy! ;-)

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Bluestar 36" all gas 6 burner range RNB366BV1

$4850 OBO plus $99.

Unless you find it cheaper or a 36" CC for under $5k this is your best bet.

Here is a link that might be useful: RNB366BV1

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Thank you, deeageaux. I should have mentioned that we won't be ready for the range until March, so I don't want to bid on anything quite yet (no where to store it).

I haven't looked into purchasing large appliances on ebay, makes me nervous! I will look into it though.

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I bought my 36" self clean with cabernet knobs CC for $4988 plus $99 Shipping off of Ebay.Most of my appliances in fact.

It came perfect.Storing in extra bedroom since I have no garage.

It came with a bolt tying the range to the wood pallet.

I saw the price of my CC jumped again from $6700 to $7,093.

I think it is due to increase in the price of SS and cast iron.

Prices keep going up. If you could store it anywhere safe I would buy sooner rather than later.

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Wow, what a find, deeageaux!

What happens in terms of warranty and servicing, when purchasing a range off of eBay?

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westtoeast get the Thermador package. Or, better still, describe it first and ask for feedback.

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I really like my berta and buying it would save you a bit more than the other brands. I got mine for 3300 for the 36. Could grab a pretty nice DW with the extra money. Also sometimes berta runs a deal where you get a hood included. Not sure if that is still going though. Good luck.

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For Capital,as long as you buy from an authorized dealer you still get the warranty.

For Bluestar,they prohibit their dealers from selling out of area. Email/ask them about open box/floor models. Maybe there is an exception to the rule.

Any competant tech can service these gas ranges.

You don't need the Factory to get service,you need them to get service for free.

You can always "save money" by buying a cheaper range with less quality/performance.

You can buy a Summit WM430 36" gas range for $514

You can buy a Smeg Opera A1U6 36" dual-fuel range made by Bertazzoni in anthracite,cream,glossy black,glossy red wine,or SS for $2k.

Cooking is the key function of the kitchen. The range or cooktop/wall ovens is where your financial priority should be regarding your appliance package.

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Research Thermadore, don't trust davidro1. Deeageaux has the ability to sniff out some pretty good deals, plus I feel he gives some pretty good advice. If you pay a little extra to have the dealer you purchased from do the install you should be able to get the the warranty from the install date. some brands automaticly do it this way. I have a CC, Deeageaux has a beautiful BlueStar with a french top. Either one is levels above anything else.

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Thanks very much for your input, deeageaux, jgopp and caddidaddy. And yes, I did detect just a hint of sarcasm from davidrol. I'm going to see if I can find a bluestar dealer around here, so I can go check them out in person.

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until you define the appliances in the package deal, 99.9% of readers won't know what it consists of.

this would be sarcasm:
1. hey get the package deal from Thermador, because it's a package.
2. guys I'm considering getting "it", you know the deal, you seem to all know what I mean, so like what do you think?

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36" Thermador Pro Harmony Gas Range for $5699.00
Comes with a free dishwasher, the Thermador Emerald Series, which retails for $1249.00 (and is a re-badged Bosch).

I have read that the dishwasher from this series is mediocre (difficulty drying plastics and glass), however I can find very few reviews about the Pro Harmony range.

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I think Thermador dishwashers are re-branded Bosch. Bosch also makes this series for Kenmore.

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I think with Thermador/Bosch the issue is usually customer service. Bosch is not known for being customer-friendly/oriented.

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Sorry deeageaux, I was thinking of stooxies BlueStar with the french top. I still think you give great advice though. I realize you have a CC as do I. It is also refreshing to see someone who dosen't necessarly try to push the brand they happen to have, but try to give advice based on the OP'S choices/budget.

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How about a rangetop and a separate single oven ???

they will allow for better placement (oven) and will easily fit into the budget.

$2000 - $3000 for a rangetop - less if you're a deal hound.

$900 - $3000 for a single convection oven.

dee- where did you find out that Berta.... is manufacturing SMEG"S Opera ranges ???

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Antss- we did consider that, but we have a fairly small space to work with, couldn't figure out how to make it work in our layout.

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post your plans/layout in the kitchen section - I'll bet the gang over there will have some suggestions.

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We considered buying a range top and wall ovens. Our concern with them was the smoke when using high heat (with the broiler for example). With the range, you have the hood above to catch most of smoke, but what about wall ovens? Is our concern well-founded?

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