Exterior Lighting - Gas vs Electricity

buildiva22November 5, 2012

I'm trying to decide what to use for exterior lighting. Love the look of the flickering light provided by gas lighting but am concerned about the monthly gas price. I was told before that the monthly gas price on gas lantern can be up to $30 per month since it is always on constantly. What are your experiences with gas lighting? And for those who are using that in your existing home, it will be great if you can share your monthly cost.

I have also heard that you can install the lights in a way that you can use it as gas or electric lights interchangeably or gas lighting that actually allows the flexibility to be turned off if needed to save cost. Any information will be appreciated!

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I LOVE the look of it, but electric is common for my neighborhood and cheaper. $360 a year is not much but it is money. So if it fits with the "hood" then yes. If not, I think it is one of those things that you think about during building and never think about once you are living day to day.

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I have heard 15-20 dollars per month per light. So if you have two double that ;) We have been here a few months and don't have ours installed yet but I will be able to know exactly how much they cost in a month or so when they are put in.

The other negative is that they give out very little light. We put can lights in the ceilings of both of our overhangs over front and friends porch door for illumination and gas for looks. It goes without saying it is not particularly "green" to do this but those are the facts ;)

You can do the electric ignition but our builder strongly discouraged it. He says they are very problematic. Of course, this is the only his opinion but I trusted it. They are also significantly more expensive.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I would think that electric lighting is much safer...if you need a flicker, you can get a flicker bulb

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Thanks all for the info! Does a flicker bulb provide the same look as the gas one?

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When I had a gas lamp, it was sensed and was not on all the time. I think the #'s on cost are way high. But of course it depends whether it is NG or propane. Our neighborhood has two rows of 10 lights each that turn on at dusk. Our gas cost is not that much.

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Thanks david_cary. When you said your gas lamp was on sensor, is it the same thing as the ignition? If not, can you please share more info?

@athensmom, if you have new info soon on your gas bill, let me know! =) I checked with a lighting company today and they told me it will be $8 per month per light, much lower than what I was told previously.

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Athesmom,wondering what your gas bill has been like with you gas lights if you don't mind sharing it. How many of gas lanterns you have? Thx.

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Small flickering gas flames do not throw a lot of light (unless they are also throwing a lot of carbon monoxide and are yellow).

They have to get pretty large to provide much light.

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We have two gas lanterns on our current house and they add about $40 to our bill per month. As was mentioned, they don't provide much light at all. For our almost-finished new house, we did all electric and I'm very happy with that decision.

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