French Beaded flowers

justmeinsdAugust 22, 2008

I am trying to teach myself how to do French Beaded Flowers from a book but I am having a hard time understanding a couple of the instructions on completing a basic frame and how to put a flower together.

Is there anyone that could anwser a couple of questions for me?

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Sorry I can't help you Justmeinsd but would like to say you can always do a web search by typing "French Beaded Flowers" into your web browser line. I'm sure you'll get several sites to check out.


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I went & typed in the above & then you go down about 25 sites & get to French Beading & I liked the site with Kimberly Chapman as she shows you step by step. The 1st site listed which is about 25th down has a lot of beautiful flowers to drool over!! They are found in a book. Some of these sites are hard to get to. You have to scroll down a long way & sometimes there is line across part way & sometimes not as with this 1.Let us see what you learn to do. Takes lot of beads tho, she says feet of them on wire! Wow! Not for my eyes!! Good Luck! Jan

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justmeiensd what are your questions? I will try. I do lots of french beading and have a beautiful collection of books. I will look it up for you if necessary.

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I have taken many courses about french flower beading from online. There are French Flower Making Tools available online. I have bought this tool and it is easy to use. If you don't want to buy this tool then you can take a look on eBook published by Morse-Brown . It will guide basic steps about how to make french flower.When you will complete to read this then it would be to take a class for making french flower. Just need patient to make it. Hope that it would be helpful for you.

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I've never done them but they sure are pretty! Please post a pic of yours when you finish it.

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