How long have you been doing crafts ?

toomuchglassAugust 30, 2007

I Was born with crayons in one hand and scissors in the other. I did crafts all my life. The past 25 years - I've been doing all sorts of crafts --- craft shows - wholesale sales - teaching - I've just been cranking stuff out left & right. I lived & breathed crafts . I think I'm ready to retire . ( How many times have you said this ? LOL )

Retire --- as in --- doing crafts for profit.

******* Did I say Profit ??? LOL -- ( what's that ? )

Anyway ...... from now on - my time is my own .... any crafts from now on will be crafts that I Enjoy making ...

not following trends - not cranking stuff out ....stuff I want to do for myself . FINALLY !

What's your crafting life like ? Been doing it long ? For gifts or profit ? What keeps you going ?

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I loved to draw since I was little. Nothing like that giant box of Crayolas with the sharpener built in! So many wonderful possibilities!

But I guess I got more into other crafts-- painting, decoupage, mosaicing, etc., in my twenties, when I actually had some money to try some different craft types.

Once I bought my house, it seems I'm always working on something!

I think it's wonderful how you're getting the opportunity now to do crafts for profit. How marvelous to have the time to do what you want to do. I hope it's infinitely rewarding for you!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: My crafting/thrifting/vintage decorating blog

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My first memory of doing real crafts (as opposed to just the ones in school) was when visiting my sister while in high school. Did those "smocked" checked skirts. Then we made the yarn loop wreaths, anyone remember those?

I tried my hand at pouring and painting ceramics, decoupage, making candles, fur flowers, macrame, lace hoops, fabric flowers, etc. I really got hooked when I kept seeing primitive signs with pigs and chickens, and the painted wooden cutouts. Finally took a class to learn to paint, bought a saw, and the rest is history as they say.

I never got into selling my crafts at shows, I worked full time plus, so never felt I had the time (or energy). Co-workers always wanted to know what I was making, and often asked me to bring things for show and tell, so I did sell some that way. Mostly I just made them for gifts and for myself.

Now I am retired, and should have all the time in the world to paint and craft--but alas, the days still seem to fill up and slip by way too quickly or maybe I'm just moving much more slowly! LOL

Toomuchglass, I always love the things you make, and can tell you are multi-talented in the crafts and creativity dept. Bet you are gonnna find that you just HAVE TO make that cute item--then can't find a spot to hang/sit it! Then you'll end up selling or giving it away. LOL I find that the look on someone's face when I give them something gives me almost as much pleasure as creating it did.

Jenn, I love your blog, you are my kinda gal. I too love the victorian/country/shabby chic sort of look--especially if I can do it in an inexpensive/creative way. You have done wonderfully creative things with your home, and collected some wonderful items and fabrics. Having the "eye" to know what will work with other items, or taking a piece and redoing it into something much more special is crafting at it's best!


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I have been making things all my life, too but only really got into crafting 9 years ago. I started when DS was 9 months old. I became a SAHM the day he was born and after months of watching TV and cleaning in my "spare" time, I decided I needed something fun to do!

I started out painting a ceramic Christmas villiage and found that I had fun doing it and could keep the paint where I wanted it better than I imagined! I then kept picking up ready to paint things at Ames and Wal-Mart made of ceremic and wood and eventually started painting on my own stuff.

My favorite thing to do is still painting. I have changed my style, though to a more Primitive country style than what I started with. I make my own things, come up with my own ideas and patterns. I also crochet, sew (hand and machine), quilt a tiny bit and do primitive stitcheries.

Most of my pieces end up here in our house. I also on occasion make items for friends and family for gifts but that's it! I haven't gotten into making items for profit. I have been paid on a few occasions but that's it. I'm not interested in opening a shop, starting a webshop, doing craft shows or ebay.

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I guess I've been crafting since I was little too. My first craft gift was given at the age of about 6. Made a baby food jar terrarium thing with those poofy pipe cleaners and gave it to my Sunday School teacher as a wedding gift. ha I remember so proudly setting it among the other gifts on the table at her reception. ha Oh dear! ha

I do crafts for the pleasure it gives me, for my home and occasionally for gifts. I mostly do painting, stitcheries and I'm just learning to cut my own wood items so I'm pretty excited for the possibilites there, but I don't limit myself to those things. I have been known to make things like decorative pillows, wreaths, soaps, candles, fabric books, noodle art, jewelry, throw in the occassional cheesecloth ghost and in the 80's countless things made with paper raffia (do they even still make that stuff?). So as long as it looks like fun, count me in! :) ~Anj

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I've been crafting most all of my life. While teaching for 30 years, I did arts and crafts with my students, and while camp counseling in the summers as well. Hubby and I did craft shows for 10 years, then called it quits. Too much hassle and no money in it. Now for the past 15 years I just craft for my family and friends.

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My Mum's first inkling I was gonna be a different child was in 3rd grade art glass they told us to draw a house...I drew a floor Then 4th grade I was lucky enough to have a very creative teacher who actually let us do hands on art projects not just crayons and paper. We modeled clay, we made Christmas ornaments with velvet,sequins and pearls..we actually used real straight pins..could you imagine that in school now?? good greif!! lol In junior high I found my own sort of style just a wee bit ahead of my time, I was the pretty in pink kid. Making and restoring old jewelry, carrying vintage purses and shoes long before it was in fashion I was shopping flea markets and antique stores for things to remake or repair.
Then I got my first hot glue gun...the rest is obsession
I can't paint,can't draw but I can put together a display or store window like nobody's I can glue,string and arrange

I couldn't imagine life without some sort of crafting involved. About 30 years would be a good guess...hard core crafter for about 20.


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I have crafted all my life! started out with paper dolls and makeing there clothes, we were poor by most standards so we learned to make things from nothing, still gives me the most pleasure! oh I guess I have been crafting for about thirty years.
Love reading your stories!

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