Do you think there will be many.....

enjoyingspringAugust 11, 2008

Christmas Craft Sales this year. Doesn't seem to be any new ideas for carfting anymore.

I can't tell you how many garage sales I have been to this summer where people are sell their crafting supplies, they tell me there is market for crafts anymore.

Kind of sad isn't it.

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Our locals ones for the past couple of years have been duds.. Sure - vendors show up with there tons of crafts... but very few buys get around....

There has to be a better angle... but what?

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I don't know, we have several that are big. I've even thought about signing up for one. But I would be so disappointed to put all that work into it, then have everyone just walk by and not buy any.

A friend of mine does well still with the keyfobs. But I think I would find that too boring to do.

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There's one coming up in my area towards the end of September. They usually have it a couple times a year and it's pretty good sized. This one is called Crafts Unlimited Boutique. I plan to go, so hope they have some neat new things. I hate to go to shows that the majority of the items could be ordered from Tenderheart Treasures or Collection Etc. I also try to watch for signs in my neighborhood, some of the crafters just sell at a yard sale or home show. Luvs

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I don't go into Michaels much anymore but when I do I have noticed that they are leaning more to selling ready made things, they even have a $$$ section in the store now where they sell "junky stuff".

The same thing with Joannes, the seem to be getting out of the craft supplies and selling more ready made.

Few stores now sell material because no one sews anymore, hard to find a wool shop because no one knits.

Just what to people do in crafting now, there are just NO "new ideas".

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I guess you know you are a true crafter when it's 35 degrees out and you are worrying about how the Christmas Craft Sales are going to go this
I took the plunge myself and signed up for a huge show in my town, cost of $80 for my spot, which is why I debated it for quite a while. But they did have 3500 people walk through it last year - how many bought, I don't know. I bought 5 knitted dishclothes when I walked through.
I have gone to many a craft show over the years as a seller, but this one is about double what I usually pay for an entry fee.
So far I plan to make painted suitcases, trash to treasure cake plates, the plate with no owner, oddie's bed spring snowmen, tile art, might make some rice bags, and a bunch of smaller items like Christmas legends, Christmas pins and earrings and likely an ornament or two.
Kind of stressed over it, but I know like many of you if I get going on these things now it won't be so chaotic as the time approaches.
Suzan J

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Sjarz, when you mentioned painted suitcases, it caught my attention. I've only painted one with some roses and recently bought a small overnight case that I want to paint soon. What types of things do you like to paint on your suitcases? I love them, but unfortunately don't have much display room in my house! Hope you'll post some pics when you finish yours--either here or on the painting forum. Good luck to you with your sales, sounds like you will have a nice variety of items. Luvs

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There's always craft fairs - and there will always be buyers. Sadly ,it'll never be like it used to be . In the "idea" era ..... You couldn't even get IN a craft fair because you never knew what was new & different for that year. Now , it's leveled out. It's the same stuff - but everyone has their own twist on things. Some things have that little "extra" that will make you buy. I think people will still search craft fairs for gifts that can't be bought in stores ... but the budget may be alot smaller.

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I think you are exactly right, toomuch, so much of what's out there is so similar to what people have seen before, and sadly some of what's out there is not very well made -
and luvs, I haven't ever painted a suitcase before but your rose one from last year has inspired me to try my hand at this.
I hope mine come out 1/2 as nice as yours!
Suzan J

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Gosh, I don't think I've ever inspired anyone before! LOL It's usually the other way around! Well, you will enjoy painting the suitcases. Not much preparation needed, and nice big surface to work with. I find it easier and more rewarding to paint bigger things. ;o) Be sure to look at Oddie's snowman one too, those Renee Mullins designs really look cute on the suitcases.

Toomuch, I will always want to go to the craft shows. I just love the atmosphere of them, and seeing all the pretty items makes me happy. And there's always that undercurrent of excitement thinking I MIGHT just discover something new that I just have to have or will want to try to make! ;o)


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I am a full time crafter. I just sell at shows. I make my entire income from the crafts business.

We're doing 42 craft shows this year. 23 down, 19 to go. We do shows all over New England as well as New York state, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania.

The economy has slowed as we all know, but people still come to the shows looking for something DIFFERENT. That's the whole key. The entire secret to success in this business. We sell an item that starts at $4.95 and goes up to $9.95. And we can do over $3,000 in one weekend. Our profit is 96% on every piece.

DIFFERENT. Nobody else has what we have. And that's how we can be successful in this business.

The possible worst thing you can do at a craft show is to have what everybody else has. If you attend a show and don't see what you make, then apply for that show next time. But never follow the crowd. Because that's all you'll do. Follow.

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Listen to vt crafter - the cutsy little items don't make it in the long run - find a need and fill it! My Christmas shows have 5% - 10% Christmas - mostly as decoration and the rest are needed items to be purchased as gifts. My customers are my best salesmen and they come back to buy more as gifts! I'm not in it big time as he is, but I understand the concept and have applied it to my own things... Rethink what you take and also what you end up taking home again - if it doesn't pay the freight - find something else to make and sell!

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I have to agree. The cutesy stuff & the 1$ gag gift were hardly worth my time making them... Go for your own style...

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Luvs -- you are so right about one thing ---- just the atmosphere is fun ! Crafters and customers are such down to earth people ... everyone there loves crafts and loves to talk about it ! LOL For me - if I'm buying or if I'm selling --- it's like a drug house -- I get my fix and have fun doing it !!!

PS - my name is Toomuchglass & I'm a craft-a-holic

hehehehe !!

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The ladies from Garden Junk who make things to sell seem to be selling...They are making totems and things like that...go check them out.


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