Where can I get round glass to make Victorian style flue covers?

missjaneAugust 21, 2008

Hello-I am wondering if anyone knows where I can buy round panes/pieces of glass measuring 8-10 inches across? I have a collection of old prints, Godey's ladies, etc. and want to try to make some of the antique style glass Flue Covers. I tried our local Lowe's, but no luck: They don't cut circles. Thank you from a new member!

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how about some place that cuts glass for windows and picture frames? Or try a glass cutter, I don't know the price of a glass cutter versus having it cut commercially,but maybe you could invest in one and it would be much cheaper if you're going to have a collection done up:)

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How to Cut Glass Disks
By sawing out a round board, laying it flat on a sheet of glass and running your glass cutter around the edge of the pattern you can cut out an approximately round disk of glass. But to cut out a perfectly round disk you must have a circular glass cutter. If you don't want to cut it yourself, try a framing store,craft store or a locally owed hardware store.

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Just wondering if maybe clear glass plates would work for your project? Lots easier than cutting glass, and you can find them at Walmart or even TS. Luvs

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Michael's Craft stores have framing dept. I think they even sell pic frames that are round so you could just buy 3 of those! Also some cheap metal stands that had 3 "shelves" each shelf was 10 in. circle of glass. I just found wooden plate to replace 1 that got broken at church as we have little ones around. Stands about 30 inches tall & gold colored metal & each shelf goes off from 1 center peice & at 3 heights. Used for flowrers in entrys of buildings or in office for touch of color. Hard to explain. Sorry! Jan

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