Soft Sculpture Pumpkins

joyce58August 23, 2008

Hello....Does anyone have a pattern for soft sculpture pumpkins?

I have found patterns that use 8 segmented pieces sewn together but awhile back I bought one that has only one sewn seam....That's the pattern I would like!

I could eventually figure it out but it would be simpler to know the exact measurements.



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Have you tried doing a search in your web browser line for just that "soft sculpture pumpkins" I'm sure you'll find lots of sites to check out for that pattern.


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I make them without using any seams. Just cut a piece of fabric in a large circle then sew around the entire edge with a heavier (rug) thread and draw string it closed with cotton batton inside. Hot glue a cinammon stick in the top and put either a couple of leaves or a bow around the cinammon stick where it meets the pumpkin. Easy!

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This is not what you are looking for, but I have made a quick no sew version from a roll of toilet paper. I covered the roll with a scrap of batting (but that is optional) and plopped the roll down in the middle of a square of fabric. Bring the raw edges up and tuck into the hole. Cut 2 leaf shapes from fabric and lay across the hole. Twist a brown paper lunch sack tightly (like paper twist) and push down into the hole anchoring the leaves. (You can even add some raffia with the leaves before you push the bag in.) And you are done! These are so quick and are cute in different Fall fabrics and red for an apple. I have one on my desk to start the school year.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I made some like goldilocks but used heavy embroidery thread wrapped around and sewed up through the middle to make the "sections" and small cut off branches for stems.

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2 sizes of patterns here. Just click on small pumpkin or large pumpkin words to get the pattern

Here is a link that might be useful: Pumpkin patterns

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