Locks on bedroom doors into jack/Jill bath or the opposite?

threeapplesNovember 20, 2012

Should we have locks on the kids doors going into their shared bath, or in the shared bath going into their rooms? So, lock people out of the bedrooms or out of the bathroom? The water closet and shower are separate with locked doors, so this is just to the vanity area. Thanks.

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Is this for your immediate family only? No locks. If you lock something, just put a lock on the toilet/shower area.

If this is for visiting extended family, then maybe locks from bathroom to bedroom... But, I am still inclined to say no locks (just passage).

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This is for my kids. They will share a bathroom, but the water closet and shower will have a locking door.

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Then, I'd say no locks on the vanity room portion (where the sinks are).

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No locks, just knocks:)

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