Quality of Aldi/Crofton appliances

happylady1957January 6, 2011

Hello Folks,

Thanks to this board, I've discovered Aldi's, and I LOVE IT! We've yet to try a product that wasn't as good, or better, than the "name brand".

With that said, has everyone been happy with the Crofton appliances? There is a juice extractor and a panini grill offered this week, both at a wonderful price, so I am mighty tempted.

Any opinions welcomed and TIA!

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The only Crofton product I have is a paper shredder and it works great.


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I was inspired by the people here to get the ice cream maker. I've only used it once, but it worked great, wasn't too loud, and had a really solid feel.

Good luck... I think you should go for it. Everyone needs a juice extractor :o)

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I used the Crofton buffet server (3 pans) for Christmas Eve dinner and for Christmas brunch. While it's not a complicated appliance, it worked like a charm.

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thanks, all. I ran over there, and the juice extractors were all gone! I feel more confidant now with your recommendations to try this brand. Thanks again!

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I use a crofton glass-bowl convection oven. It works great - just like the one I had used before that was twice the price! Love this thing.

I had the juice extractor. It worked pretty good. Had to cut up the fruit pretty small though - not too bad to clean either. Now I use the magic bullet for smoothies instead. (Gave the juicer to good will.)

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If you have another Aldi nearby, try them. You might also ask the manager if they could call some of the other Aldis in the area if you have several. You won't get the phone number to call yourself but they were nice enough to track down an air conditioner for me last summer.

As far as the appliances, think of Crofton the same as Kenmore, which actually it is. Kenmore does *not* make appliances, nor does Crofton. They're made by other manufacturers and had the store name put on it, whether Sears or Aldi. Same with their store names on the other items. Kroger, Cub, etc don't can their own corn. They have their name put on someone else's product. Just as with the corn, you need to try it and see if you like it. Most small appliances are built in a similar fashion and quality IMO so I wouldn't hesitate to try it out. If you don't like it, you can return it. And for the prices that are the norm at Aldi, I feel pretty confident buying anything there, with the caveat that sometimes the prices aren't the best. Be a savvy shopper and enjoy the savings.

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Does anyone have the insturctions sheets for a crofton chocolate fondue fountain? I borrowed one for a bridal shower and the manual is missing. Need to know how much chocolate it uses. Thanks!

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hi everyone I bought a crofton convection oven I need the manual booklet if anyone has one plz let me know. Thanks!

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Well I just bought the ice cream maker and can't find the instructions! I must have left it at work and wanted to make the ice cream tonight. anyone have it in PDF form they can send me?

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I've had the Crofton Water Kettle for more than a year and it still works great. I can't imagine using a regular tea kettle again.
I also have the Crofton Electric Food Chopper, which is relatively new and works like a charm.

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I have fell in LOVE with all the Crofton appliences!! I believe I started with the 4 slice toaster, then the 3 crockpot buffet server, then a chocolate fountain and the waffel maker.....I purchased the deep fryer a few months ago. ALL of the appliences work and work well. They are resonably priced....its amazing how I have seen other stores sell these items for twice of what I paid.

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Lackey - I suppose you have your answer by now, but the book says 3 cups of chocolate chips and three-fourths to one cup of cooking oil. Preheat the fountain 3-5 minutes and it suggests softening the chocolate slightly in the microwave.

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I have several name brand electronics in my Kitchen most by Nostalgia Electrics. I recently started trying the Crofton Brand Electronics. I have to say, I'm rather impressed. I started out with the Crofton Fryer, and just picked up the Crofton Food Dehydrator. Now I'm gonna be making some Homemade Spicy Beef Jerky. I'm pretty sure there's another Crofton Appliance that will be calling my kitchen home in the near future. What it will be, we'll wait and see.

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