Insulin Pump Bags

slinkeyAugust 21, 2008

Hello...I'm usually posting on other sites, and decided to 'peek' in here. I was just wondering if anyone here has made Insulin Pump Bags? My DGdaughter who is 6 yrs old, has type 1 diabetes, and wears an insulin pump. The cost for the belt and little decorative bags, to put it in, is out of site. So I've been sewing up some for her. Just wondering if anyone else does this. I thought it would be nice to exchange ideas, on where you get your supplies such as belt elastic, loops, clips, etc. Thanks


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I have had my insulin pump delivered this past week. I am hoping to get it hooked up in the next couple of weeks. I am interested in the responses to this post. Please share your ideas!

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Slinkey, I'm so sad that your little GD is having to deal with all that at only 6 years old! Bless her heart! I'm sure the pretty bags you make for her really make her happy. You can do them in her favorite colors and characters. Sure hope others will hop on here and share ideas with you.

Lauriemi, did you just discover that you are Diabetic? My DH is a type 2. Best wishes to you.


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I've been Type 1 for quite a few years. I am just sick of 10, yes TEN shots a day, so I took the plunge and decided to try the pump. It has to to be so much better.

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lauriemi I'm so sorry for what you are going thru...I can sympathize wholeheartedly. I'm hoping that you have great success with your new pump, and that it will make a real positive difference in the quality of your life. It has to be better than receiving so many shots a day. My GD was diagnosed at 21 mos...and as you can imagine was a nightmare. She's been on the pump for three years now. I have been making these little pump bags for her, as she likes 'fancy & girly girl' things...and LIkes to change them OFTEN!! So, I'm having fun making them. I'm just trying to find some good sources to buy the Release Buckles for the elastic belts... On the sewing site, someone gave me some good leads, that I am checking on. If you need any ideas or advice that I can help you with, just give a yell!!

Luvs...Thank you for being so sweet and caring.
I'm sorry to hear that your DH. It's not an easy road. I hope it's under control for him. My DG looks forward to me making the little pump bags, and it helps my DD out because they are really expensive, and with a little girl, who loves to wear a different one each day...I try to keep up!!

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Blessings to you Ms. Slinky!!! and to your GD. My niece is Type 1 and I make "pockets" in bike shorts for her to carry the pump. She is not into having anything too fancy, so those work well for her. DH is Type 2, so no bags for him. I'm the cook :^). DH AND DN have a huge sweet tooth, so I spend a lot of time rearrranging the ingredients in deserts so that they can both eat them :^).

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Thank you jaybird...I used to make the 'pockets' for her in her little knit shirts..but she had a problem with it being too bulky, and didn't like the way it felt. Making a pocket in bike shorts is a great idea. I'm sure the pump must keep nice and snug in there. When your DN isn't wearing bike shorts...where else would she wear it? Trying to get as many ideas as possible. My friend's daughter who is in her 20's wears hers in her bra! DG is too young for that just yet!! LOL... You are a gem for working out a menu to fit both your DH & DN's sweet tooth. Got to be pretty clevor too.. and, Blessings to you as well !!

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DN wears bike shorts 95 percent of the time...even under skirts and stuff...I asked her if she wore them under her formal to the prom...she just grinned, but her Mom told me "No...she fixed her pump inside the leg of her briefer"...what a gal!!

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I guess whatever works for them is good...She sounds like a clevor girl!!

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