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posiehAugust 16, 2009

I am happier than a pig in mud....!!! Went to a garage sale and the lady was selling out her Floral Shoppe ! I got all the books showing all the arrangements (36 of them) some are large, almost huge.My crafty, card making friends are going to love me. (I think)! My problem is that it rained this morning and some of them got quite wet, others are just damp. The sun is out and I have a bunch hanging on my fence to dry and others just spread open on the car hood where it is really warm. Does anyone have a good solution to get them all dry? I have a large dehydrater and I'm thinking of putting some in there, one at a time, as most of them are just damp.I'll appreciate your suggestions.

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Do you have a sweater rack for your dryer? You might be le to dry some in there. What about heating the oven to 200 degrees and then turning it off. You may need to leave the door a little bit open. Another suggeston would be to put paper towels between the pages. you culd reuse the paper towels for non-food uses later.

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Thanks for your suggestions. I finally wiped each page and then left a paper towel between the pages and layed them on with a fan blowing on them. Worked perfect!

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