Lampshade repair with decoupage

concretenprimrosesAugust 7, 2011

I bought a lamp for $12 about 15 years ago and it has sat on our upstairs screened sleeping porch year round ever since. This year the shade totally gave out all along the top, combined with some rips and holes. I tacked it back up with double sided tape (which I had handy) and looked through my pretty paper pile.

After some messing around with trying to splice down and over lap unsuccessfully, I cut out individual motifs and pieced them together along the top of the shade, gluing them with mod podge as I went. Any paper glue would work but I had mod podge on hand. Its not perfect, but its kind of cute and usable again.



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I think it's fantastic. Great repair job.

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That looks really good. You did a nice job. Saved money and a lamp shade.


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Really salvaged a mess & with great look to it! Cutting out around bottom of the motifs was a great idea & the colors used really compliment the wall color & look great with the sofa or bench there. Nice save! Jan

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Nice save. Thanks for sharing your idea

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