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ann_tJanuary 7, 2014

The Fundamentals of Artisan Bread and Pizza
By Ken Forkish

If you are looking to try another bread recipe, this one is very good. The Saturday White Bread takes about nine hours from start to finish.

The bread is baked in a dutch oven. I've only baked bread in a dutch oven once before and that was when the no-knead/five minute bread first came on the scene. I wasn't impressed. I only made that bread once. I didn't care for it. Lacked flavour.

But this bread has great texture, amazing crust and a developed flavour.

There are a number of rests and folds during the mixing/kneading and rise stages.

After the second fold.

Two hours later the dough has tripled.

Ready to shape.

into two large rounds.

Baked for 30 minutes in a covered dutch oven, and then uncovered and baked for another 20 minutes or until the crust is a medium to dark brown.

Instead of slashing the loaves, the bread is allowed to just split naturally for a more rustic look.

The original instructions suggested subbing 100gs of whole wheat flour for 100gs of the white flour, which is what I did, but I also adjusted the water from 720g to 800g for a slightly more hydrated dough. Other than that I followed the recipe.

If you are interested in baking bread, this is one Bread Baking cookbook that I would recommend.

Or if you would just like to try the recipe you can find it on line on a number of sites.


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Beautiful! I'll bet yours is better than the author's bread.

I'll give it a try, thanks for the heads up.

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That looks amazing. Will try it!
(you need to watermark your photos, : )
I'm gonna 'pinch' it.

just kidding, but i'm sure someone will

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Yum, Ann T, that looks delicious, crusty and crunchy.

I also did the 5 minute no knead stuff in the dutch oven. Twice. Once it was OK, looked beautiful and tasted bland, but had a nice crust. The second time it collapsed and was a total mess. I went back to kneading bread, LOL.

This one, I might try if I find a day when I have 9 hours at home. As I have often said, at least the ingredients are cheap, so if it's a bust for me I'm out less than a buck and I still have breadcrumbs!


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What was the oven temperature? I was looking at a bread book that Kevin has yesterday, and I noticed that the oven temperatures varied from 450 degrees to 350 degrees. Your crust looks like you may have used a hot oven, but I am not sure.

I read about the book you mentioned at an artisan bread forum.


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Thanks Cathy.

Sleevendog, Thanks. I know that I should watermark, but my problem with a watermark is that you really need to put it across the middle of the picture for it to be effective. And I don't really want to do that.

Putting it in a corner like this, someone could easily crop or photoshop it out.

Annie I think that you would like this bread.

Lars, I usually bake my breads on a stone at 500ðF. As specified in the recipe this bread was baked at 450ðF. I can't imagine baking this type of bread at anything lower than 450ð.


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Your bread is beautiful! I have been struggling with the Tartine Bread recipes & just bought FWSY to give it a try. I have baked bread & cultivated my own starter for years, but I am really having trouble trying to handle these highly hydrated doughs!

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Bev, I almost always make highly hydrated doughs.

I made another batch of this dough today and used it to make pizza, increasing the water from the 720g called for in the recipe to 820g.

I used a portion of the dough to make two pizzas. The rest of the dough is in the fridge and will be used in a couple of days to make either bread or another pizza.

One plain

And one with homemade Italian Sausage and Black Olives.

The crust was amazing. Partly, the dough and partly the way it was baked. I baked it on a preheated stone, but instead of the stone being on the bottom rack, it was on the second from the top rack. Preheated for an hour to 550ðF, the pizza was baked for five minutes, and then another two minutes under the broiler.


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Good first loaf. It needed a bit of babysitting but that was because of it being a new one to us. We were home all day doing other things so it was good timing to give it a try. Dr sleeven has some ideas for improvement. He was not happy with our rise.

Found lots of info on-line but i'll get the book as well. That makes 5 favorites in our stable now.

Would love to master a good Finnish Ruis

Here is a link that might be useful: Nordic Breads

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Wow Ann, everything looks so amazing.
I really get in a rut with my bread, I make 2 kinds of bread, and rolls and that's about it.

Every time I see one of your loaves, or pizza I want to do it, then I forget and do the old stand-by. I have to be brave and just do it!

Sleevendog, send you loaf to me, I think it looks good!
Dr. Sleeven is a perfectionist, perhaps? :)

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Thanks Jasdip.

Sleevendog, Wow!!!! Beautiful loaf. Nice to have another bread to add to your favourites.


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