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june_ndAugust 26, 2008

I like painting paver blocks. I have seen some catalogs and ads showing some really cute ones but now when I want one I can't find any..Does anyone know where I can find some catalogs or anything having to do with the paver blocks.

Thanks in advance


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I'm pretty new here, I lurked for couple of yrs. I was ttying to see lot of pics for quick ideas. I finally found the "key" It is the GJ Inspiration Album It is easiest to get on it from a post where someone has "put it in pink" but if you want to try type in the search box GJ Inspiration Album & go to the left & click on stepping stones & concrete I think is how it's written. You will love it. One of junkers did it up for all junkers!! Lots of inspiration!!!! LOts of talented people here! Hope you can find it!! Oh, I just did the ladybug, took it to park for our club meeting today, they loved it, I don't know how to post yet! Sorry! Jan

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Hi Sunnyca, it's nice to have you jump in and join the fun on the forum. As you already know, you'll find some very talented folks here with some great ideas. I've posted a link to a post I did last year about posting pics into your msg or as a link like this one. I also did have a link for the GJ Inspiration Album but can't find it in My Favorites (too much crap in there). That post was done by our Karen who goes by the name Purplemoon. If you type her name in the Search box, all of her past posts will come up and I'm sure you'll find the link in one of these posts. If you need help posting pics, please just ask. There's always someone willing to lend a helping hand around here. I'll check this post later to see if you do need help or you can type a msg directly to me by putting just that as the subject line of your post - Msg to Craftylady-2006. Have fun with all of your projects, it's great.


Here is a link that might be useful: Picture Posting Instructions

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I found the link for Karen's GJ Inspiration Album and put it below for your viewing pleasure. Just go the left and click on the different categories for what you're looking for. It's awesome to see all the different projects.


Here is a link that might be useful: GJ Inspiration Album

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There are a couple of books out by Maureen Hart called Porch Pals & Yard Critters. You might see if carries it.

There are several that have been made by forum members on the Garden Junk forum and on the gallery at the Painting forum too.

Here's a link for a lady who sells them as well. I just found it by doing a Google search.

Hope you'll come back and share pics of yours with us.


Here is a link that might be useful: Painted pavers

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I have got to get DD over here! I've never cute & pasted anything, I don't want all my pics going on here. I've got 4 family weddings not for broadcast. I took couple of pics tonight & think they would show up better outside. I was shown how to get on computer & how to email rest i can't do or finally figured out myself. I am technically challanged that's for sure!! I want DD to sort ones I want to show into 1 file (They don't have # on each pic) think I'm sinking already!! Thanks for all the help.I will get here soon I hope. The paver I did was by crafty gardener I think, the cute ladybug. I'll email my DD & maybe she can come by after work. Jan

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I had done the ladybug awhile ago but here are some pavers that I have done in the past. I am looking for the gnome that you see on TV ads. I saw him in a ad once and have not been able to find him again.....

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Oh so cute, love Halloween one, my path will never get done if I keep using them for projects! Love your snowmen & Santas too. Someone did a part of tree round cement piece, it's curved & perfect for 3 santas or snowmen. I hope my DD comes thurs. to at least get couple of pics on. I made an Uncle Sam paver last spring so will try to get it posted. Jan

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