EasyCast epoxy resin project- advice needed

dvdNJAugust 25, 2013

Hi! I am looking to embed a large insect (large beetle-size) in epoxy resin. I have done the first layer and am not happy with the results -- perhaps someone can share their expertise with me and I will start over.

I purchased EasyCast resin and a paper-weight mold for my project and did some research to ensure I would do the project properly. Based on what I read, for an insect this size (about an 1�" long) it is best to do the resin in 2 layers � let the first one set and then add the insect to the second layer. I decided to also add a piece of paper (with laser-jet ink) in the first layer.

I poured the first layer, slipped the paper in -- and it seemed ok, at first. But as this layer has started to cure, I noticed it seemed to look rather yellowish. Certainly not crystal clear, as I had expected! Then, what originally looked almost bubble-free, upon closer examination in the light, I could see hundreds of tiny bubbles through-out. I had not put the resin in warm water, as I had read is best to do, since it is summer and the inside temperature is about 74 degrees. There does not appear to be any bleeding from the paper (that actually looks better than I had expected).

Layer one has been curing for about 5 hours and if I were to continue with the second layer (which I will not � I will take this out of the mold when it is fully cured and re-do with your recommendations), I presume now would be the time? [it is mildly tacky � at what point do you recommend the second layer?]

Thanks for your suggestions.

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Sorry, I guess no one reading this has experience with resin. Hope your project works out!

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