Dare we list our Unfinished Projects ? GULP

toomuchglassAugust 18, 2008

I'm in the midst of cleaning out my craft room ( for the zillionth time ) I finally reaized I'll never going to finish making all those "perfect ideas" I've seen. So, as guilty as I feel - things have to go. This is like finally admitting I'm an Alcoholic - but I'm a Craft-a-holic . Maybe listing all my un-made projects will be the first step to recovery from wanting to make everything I See ! LOL

Gulp --- here goes .... ( this is the SHORT list )

*** squeakers for dog toys ( Craft fair idea - squeaky toys for dogs )

*** Boxes of driftwood ( for windchimes )

*** 100 little round music boxes (for wood decorations )

*** little birchwood birdhouses to decorate- never finished

*** Heavy cardboard cones for making angels

*** Beads, beads and more beads for tons of projects

*** Boxes of Christmas lights for little wreaths

*** 50 small Christmas wreaths ( was going to make custom wreaths - never happened )

*** Miniature wood cutouts - was going to make magnets ....

*** Fabric to decorate little country miniatures

*** Fun fur to cover wooden sheep ...

Oh \- this is getting too painful ...... 
Can someone else step up and list your unfinished projects ?
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That's not bad at all:) I watch Clean House a lot so I don't feel so bad about my own clutter!

I have dozens of plates to smash to bits for mosaics
Tea Cups and Saucers for birdfeeders and mosaics
Bags inside boxes, full of already-smashed-up china for mosaics
Boxes of primed birdhouses for mosaics
Boxes of silver-plate for mosaic and windchimes and jewelry
Boxes of beads for jewelry and windchimes and collages,etc.
Packages and folders full of cardstock and collage papers for a dozen projects
Boxes of ribbon,lace,trims,buttons,glues,tapes,silicone,scissors,
jewelry chains and findings,canning jars,glitter,pinecones,dried flowers,raffia,(oh my God, I even have bags of bird feathers and possum teeth*blush*)
Giant storage space bags full of yards and yards(and yards) of fabric for quilts and boxes of threads and needles and pins I only have 2 quilts unquilted,one is basted to batting and backing,the other is ready to get basted
Candle making supplies
Soap and bath salt..milk...fizzies...supplies
My dining table is where MOST of the unfinished things are
at the moment. Several collages in the making, with tons of snips of paper and lace and ribbon and beads all over the floor...I at least vacuum everyday,have to!
I found when I got rid of something, that I just went right back out and bought the same thing all over again!

It sounds like a lot ):

I'm moving it out of the living room because I only have until the 30th til company comes and I gotta have room for a queen sized air bed on the floor....LOL I don't know if I can pull it off,but it might at least be incentive to finally hook the home theater back up.

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Okay, Toomuchglass, are you sure we should be putting this all in writing? I sort of try to not let the "craft police" (my DH) know how much "stuff" I have waiting to be done! LOL

Big storage box of cutout wood pieces (not even sure I like some of them anymore--my tastes have changed since I cut them out!)
Big storage box of various sizes of fabrics--most bought just because I liked them--no real project in mind at the time.
Lots of laces, ribbons, flowers, etc. needing to be made into something--some were used for wreaths, tussie mussies, etc.
Raffia, mosses, various types of strings and yarns, clothespins, little hats, rubber stamps, stencils, etc. all taking up space but not currently being put to use.

I keep thinking I'll get busy and use some of it up soon, or maybe will use it to make things with little GD. I sure want her to learn to enjoy creating things and hopefully painting.

Kudzukween--possum teeth????? What in the world did you plan to use those on? Are they really cute or something? LOL


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oooOOooohh...the possum teeth! My sister has a bird in a beautiful shade of turquoise blue,and she saves me the feathers so I can put them in my spoon pendants and lots of other artwork. She got the possum teeth from one that died in her backyard...she thought I could put it in a pendant,too! Maybe they might be needed for some mojo bag or sumthin'...who knows?? But I'll have them when I need them,LOL Possum teeth and rhinestones...purty!

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Hmmmm, Kudzukween, Halloween is coming, maybe possum teeth would work right along with eye of newt and wing of bat in a witches brew! LOL It's good to know you're prepared just in case something comes up where you can use possum teeth! ;o)


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