50th Anniversary Table Decorations

witmomAugust 15, 2008

Hello all-

I normally hang out over on Home Decorating, but I thought maybe all of you in this section could help me. I am "in charge" of the table decorations for my parents' 50th anniversary. I can't come up with anything! I have 9 round tables to decorate, and would like to keep it to $10-$15 per table. I don't necessarily need all of the tables to be the same. For my wedding (in December) several years ago I had low, flat bowls filled with curvy willow, cranberries and floating candles. I still have these bowls available and could use them again to keep costs down. The problem is, I can't think of what to float in them with the candles that would be seasonally appropriate- the anniversary is Labor Day weekend, so not summer anymore, but not quite fall yet.

I'm not locked into the bowls/floating candles. I'm open to any ideas. I would like to stay away from anything that would use pictures of my parents because I live several hours away from and won't have access to their photo albums before the party.

Thanks for any ideas!

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Hi Witmom, congratulations to your parents. The curvy willow and floating candles in the bowls sounds fine and why not use them if you already have them? Have you thought about those glass half marbles to go in the bowls? They come in lots of different colors. Just a thought. Luvs

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Hi Luvs-

I think I will do the bowls, and as you suggested, add some of the glass marbles. I saw some at Michael's that were gold/amber colored, and I think with white floating candles, it should look nice. It won't be extravagant, but I think it will work.

I may also do some hurricane shades with gold pillars in them (also saw these at Michael's), and then add some sort of white rose candle ring or something.

A few more votives "sprinkled" around on the tables, and I think it should be good. I feel sort of bad that I haven't come up with anything more "involved", but time is running out, and sometimes, simpler is better.

Of course, if anyone else comes up with anything, I'm all ears.

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We just attended a 50th party. confetti scattered on the table and then candies with printed wrappers saying Happy 50th Anniversary. I think the mints might have been from Oriental Trading. Butter mints and hershey kisses.

One that we attended a couple years ago had wide gold ribbon down the center of the table with photocopied pictures mounted on black and gold cardstock of the couple and also their children in the growing up years. Labeled on the backside to let guests know who was in the picture. I like the idea of pictures. Could someone who lives closer get the pictures from your parents and make photo copies to send to you. Or could your parents do that and have it ready when you arrive??

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Wish I saw this earlier! I did my folks 50 & 60th! 50th I had small table with pics of their kids in frames (returned to owners after) played music on cassette recorder from 1941 ,had pics of grandkids too. Some don't know how many kids they have, neighbor, someone from your mom's club etc so make it easier for those people to figure the couple's family out. I had a lavendar theme with pink & forest green, so on same table which had mauve sheet over it & lace tablecloth over that finished it off with antique vase with real looking little roses & lavender flowers with pretty ribbon(keepsake for the folks) Had 2 table decorations on food tables of baskets with couple of green nursery plants, mums might be great with pretty wrapper around them .Little glass candle holders with votive & hotglued fabric flower on each side with tiny lavender bows. Lavender nice paper plates & espensive lavender,pink & green napkins. Round tables seat 8 & had plastic tablecloths on them- I made all the cheese logs &other food & coffee, tea & punch. Cake was store bought but I did make flat round mints & decorated them. Hope you get some ideas from this. Have fun!!Jan

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I hope this isn't too late,but check out these ideas..

Here is a link that might be useful: table decorations

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Hi again, I did find the pics from folks 60th. Their ann. is in May & I got 4 in. pots of petunias that were in full bloom at our local Green Arrow nursery were they give "free" plant wrappers. I had put a lovely floral 9x12 placemat-paper in same pattern as napkins & set plant on it as centerpiece for each table & surrounded plant with 4 of the votive candles I had made. I sent plants & candles home with guests. We didn't light them-fire danger with little ones around. All of us kids provided the food (5 of us) & I made lemon tarts & pecan tarts along with bakery bought whipped cream icing cake (mom's favorite, custard & strawberries in center) I made up a memory board of sheet cake cardboard from cake supply store covered with 4 fancy white rectangluar? paper doilies & pics of what "additions" had happened since 50th. There were couple of births, weddings ,graduations. For 50th you could make 1 of reunions, swim party, trips they took, their kids, Xmas,whatever they have done past 50 yrs. I had about 15 pics on this 1 & on 50th about 25 as I had wallet of their wedding (eloped) things they liked to do, dad's plane, hunting, mom's sewing, crocheting, etc. Whatever pics you have! It makes nice conversation piece. I finished board off with Victorian cutouts & silk flowers. Very easy! Just used scotch tape so everything was removable & if pics came from someone else could return them. I took close up's of Memory boards so they could have pics for memory photo book!! Jan

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