Wine Cooler that is not loud!

daffodil2greenDecember 29, 2006

We purchased a Marvel wine cooler that holds about 28 bottles of wine because of its interior color (black) and the wine rack fronts can be stained and the front door is glass with a wood trim panel. It will be built in in the dinning room and it would fit in nicely after installation into a cabinet.

The problem is that when it turns on it is loud. The noise it makes is like a microwave being on for a while. It comes on and the noise is loud and then it has reached its cooling point and is silent, then it turns on again.

Has anyone purchased a wine cooler that doesn't make so much noise when it is running? I need to make a decision in a week because the cabinet maker needs to finish up our project. We purchased the Marvel for $1,300 and would like to make an exchange around the same price range. Please help.

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I bought the GE Monogram wine cooler. It holds 60 bottles and never makes a sound that I can hear.

It also has a wood slats on the front of the racks, and the slats can be stained any color. The door is mostly glass. But the trim around the edges is stainless steel and modern looking, perhaps not what you want. Oh, and as I recall, it was slightly less than $1,000. All in all a better deal than all the comparable coolers I looked it.

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Our Eurocave never makes a sound.

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Our Sub Zero holds about 48 bottles I believe, and is completely silent.


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We have a GE Monogram, very quiet.

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My MagicChef is very quiet.

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My KA is virtually silent, however, it also is "too cool". It only has one zone, the newer ones (including KA) have at least two.

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My new Marvel 15" beverage refrigerator is being delivered next week. I'm holding my breath that it is not noisy!

daffodil2green - have you spoken to Marvel customer service to learn whether they have a solution to the noise problem you are experiencing?

Anyone else have a noisy Marvel?


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I'm ready to order the 15" bev fridge also. Please comment back here when you've installed it. It's the only one that fulfills all my requirements, so I'm hoping daffodil's experience is atypical, while hoping she gets some resolution to the problem. It'll give us a chance to see how Marvel handles customer complaints, I guess.

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Elizabethzen & Pamela1:
I have not called for service, since it is just sitting in my living room waiting for the cabinet to be built. I plugged it in to see how it looks and if it works properly. It works and cools properly, but the humming sound (like a microwave being on)is a bit noisy. I called my salesperson from the appliance shop and he said that if the fan blade is a bit bent, it can make noise. I did not tilt it over to check. He also said that all wine coolers/beverage center make noise.

From the feedback here, other brands are quite. I have made all my kitchen appliance purchase from this one store so he is willing to take it back and I can purchase another one.

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Daffodil, is your Marvel a built-in style? If so, it may be significantly quieter once it's installed in the cabinets under the counter.

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Daffodil - Please give us an update once you discover whether the fan is bent, and best wishes with whatever unit you decide upon.

Pamela1 - I am planning to plug mine in and test it in the living room since I will not be able to install it in its proper location right away. I will report my findings!

BTW my unit can be used as a stand alone or a built-in. It has finished sides and is vented to the front.


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I have a 15" Viking wine cooler next to a 24" Viking beverage refrigerator. When they were first hooked up, I noticed the beverage refrigerator noise, or maybe it was the noise of the wine cooler also... Since they have both been filled, I don't notice the noise anymore. Or, maybe I'm getting used to the noise.. I know that it doesn't have to cycle on and off as often when filled, so maybe that's it. But, definitely seems much quieter..

Maybe once you fill yours, you won't notice the noise.

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alku05-yes, mine is a built-in style and you maybe right that once it is built-in it may not be noisy.

My salesperson told me that the Uline is about $1800 and the subzero $2600. That's way too much to pay for a wine fridge. So I may end up keeping the Marvel ($1,300), I hope the noise level is muffed out a bit when its installed

Elizabeth- Let me know if your wine cooler is noisy.

Sharb- I think I will fill it while it is still in the living room and see if it still makes noise.

Happy New Year Everyone!!!

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I wonder if manton could somehow discreetly give me the source for the GE Monogram for less than $1,000.

I almost got one for that price, but it was a floor model, and I just couldn't do it.

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Homeimprover- Does it matter whether the unit is a floor model or not? The Marvel I purchased was a floor model for $1,300. Do you think the noise it makes is because it was sitting on the floor for a while?
I didn't think that mattered.
Anyone else out there that has purchased a floor model and has not been to happy with it?

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My Marvel 15" arrived today and I have it plugged in and running in my living room. It is audible but not noisy, not as loud as a microwave. It only runs for a short time and then it is completely silent. I had to open the door to be sure it was still working!

It is empty and sitting on carpet without its leveling feet. Looks very pretty :)

The noise level could be different on hard surface, in a different acoustic, etc . . .


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Viking is very noisy. Repairmen are aware of the problem. The unit clicks when it goes from cycle to cycle. I'm getting used to it, but I wouldn't recommend this unit.

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Check online for good prices on the Monogram wine fridges. You can find them for under $1,000 at several places (without the privacy glass). You can put the model number you want in something like "Froogle" and see what you come up with, but be sure to check out shipping, which can be a killer. I got a local retailer, with whom I bought quite a few appliances, to match prices I found online on identical models. I had to pay local tax, of course, but I don't think this is an uncommon practice. If you trust that sort of thing, there also always scads of Monogram coolers on eBay, most brand new from appliance dealers.

I got the Monogram digital control model (ZDWR240PBS) for $1,033. The one that's identical, but with dial controls (don't really know why I cared, now that I think about it), can be had for about $100 less.

We also currently have a two-zone Danby, that's going in our pantry at the new house. It was only $275 at Sam's Club, which is great, but it can't be built in, and it is a little noisy (noisier than my regular fridge). Also, what we didn't know before we bought it, is that the two temp zones are fixed (you can't set whatever temp you want)--with reds in the small, top section and white in the larger, bottom section. Since we drink mostly reds, this is a big downside for us.

Honestly, I could have done without the wine fridge at all (personally, I think reds at room temp taste fine, better even maybe), but my husband really likes the look and, at some point in our build, the idea that it's "only" another $1,000 seemed to sound like pocket change. Plus, he swears that Merlot served at 60-65 degrees is superior. He read that one wine article and now he thinks he's an expert. ;-)

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daffodil2green: Sorry about the delayed response... I don't think that the status of the item as a "floor model" means anything in particular. In my case, the one I was looking at was just beat up a bit, and even though I was going to be able to get it for a reasonably good discount I think I had my heart set on something new, in the box. Just being neurotic about it. That's all.

I ultimately went with a KitchenAid "beverage center" -- after a lot of back and forth. I like the way the KitchenAid model actually gets cold -- like a fridge, but also can store some wine at the bottom. I compared it to the popular Marvel beverage center, and the Monogram beverage center, but preferred the KitchenAid because of the potential to actually have beverages CHILLED in it, and because it had room for more wine bottles and features a wider range of temperature control.

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Oooo, homeimprover, that KitchenAid really is a good find! I was looking at a Danby french door wine fridge b/c I wanted the true dual zone, and it got cold enough so that we could stash some beer in there if we needed too. But I just wasn't convinced of the Danby's quality (can't see one in person).

This Kitchenaid would be a good substitute. I originally didn't want to go with a beverage fridge b/c most store very few bottles of wine. The KA holds 22 bottles though, and would be a great choice for our bar area. Thanks for giving us something else to consider!

Two questions though:
Have you heard it run; is it reasonably quiet?

Can you set the temperatures in the zones, or is it arbitrary based on the overall temp setting?

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We have the GE Monogram Wine and Beverage centers with the privacy glass. Neither are noisy....except on occasion they both at differing times let out a loud 'sigh'. The sound is not intrusive, but it sure stood the hairs on my neck the first time I heard it when up late one night. Anyone ever heard of this 'sighing sound'? I guess I should post this separately. Sigh....

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I too recently installed the Marvel Beverage frig in my newly revovated kitchen and it is LOUD. I'm so disappointed because I went thru extra precautions to get a quiet dishwasher, now my little frig is the loudest. Even louder than my french door jenn air frig.

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alku -- If I'm not mistaken, the KitchenAid website contains some good info on the wine cooler and beverage center. Right now the website seems to be down, so I can't confirm. It is advertised as having three zones, but I think there is a single control that sets the coldest temperature for one zone with the other two zones defaulting from that setting. Mine will arrive on Friday, so I'll be able to give you more feedback later.

E-mail me at

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This thread is really helpful. I need a 15" integrated wine/bev fridge, and I was all set to order the Marvel. Guess I should consider the Viking (even tho' I'm remembering a lot of people on this forum have had problems with their Viking fridges).

Does anyone have an undercounter Viking? Or know of any other 15" integrateds?

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The Amana and the Perlick are 47 decibel about the same noise level as a Miele dishwasher. They also maintain 75 percent humidity and have zero vibration.

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I'm about to embark on a full remodel of my condo kitchen. Was all set to by the 15" Marvel then ran into some "availabity" issues. My salesperson suggesting instead a Viking 15 inch model. He claims they're indentical and that Viking makes these models for Marvel. Has anyone else heard this?
PS-After stumbling across this thread I'm not sure I want either.

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I never did get a response to my post above but now understand that in fact Marvel makes models for Viking and not the reverse. My main reason for posting though is to say that we went with the Marvel. It was delivered last week and installed a few days ago and you wouldn't even know it was running. Not sure where all the comments about it being noisy are coming from. Maybe there are a few lemons out there but after lurking for a while in several of the forums it's clear there is some deliberate slamming of products, often by the same people over and over again. Such incredible negative energy, especially in the Laundry forum. I find it hard to believe people can be that passionate over a fridge or washer. I guess I'm saying the info here can be helpful but must sometimes be weighed carefully.

PS-My granite broke during install yesterday, my fridge has been missing in action for weeks now and the drywall guy's tools have found a home here but we haven't seen him for 2 weeks. I share the pain many of you are going through.

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We've had an under-counter Avanti for about a year and a half and have been completely satisfied with our selection. In fact, we're buying a second one for our kitchen remodel. It's bigger than what the OP wants to replace -- holds about 54 bottles, dual temps, stainless front. It's got beautiful heavy wooden slide-out shelves. It's right next to our family room in our dining area, where we spend most of our time. We almost never know the thing is on! Got it on eBay for less than $500 but saved on shipping 'cause they've got a warehouse in our area. Company is called Beverage Factory. We went in person but their eBay prices are much better! We've been extremely happy with it, perfectly consistent temp (digital settings). I just checked ebay and the buy-it-now price is $465 with $99 shipping.

Here is a link that might be useful: Avanti 54 bottle wine captain cellar

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We've had a Marvel wine refrigerator for four years, and it is very, very quiet. It sits in a bar alcove directly behind our den sofa, and I don't recall ever hearing it run. In fact, as I was reading these posts, I wondered if I remembered correctly which brand I had (I can't reel off my model numbers as quickly as I could five years ago when I was in the throes of research and construction!). I went and checked, and it is indeed a Marvel. We've never had a bit of trouble with it.

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We bought 2 Marvel 15 inch wine coolers (left and right hinge) that accept custom door panels. They are installed on hardwood floors surrounded by custom wood cabinetry and marble counter top. They cost about $3100.

They are LOUD. I can hear them running from 2 rooms away. They also run/cycle frequently. I had the local repair rep out twice. They told me that the noise I hear is a normal operating noise. They said they cycle on so frequently because of the high efficiency motor? I asked them to check the coolant level (one runs more often than the other despite same temp setting) and they told me they would have to puncture the coolant system as there is no check valve.
I am pursuing returning them since I bought them with AMEX but have not yet found a suitable replacement. My designer recommended the Subzeros (about $1900 each). Anyone have any thoughts? Thanks.

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I have one of the 6BARM beverage centers. I was looking at others, but found this one on sale for $900, down from $1400. When first installed, it was the loudest appliance I had. I went out to HD and bought a large piece of foam insulation. I cut out pieces to line the entire under cabinet space. It significantly reduced the noise level down to about the same level as my refrigerator. I took it a step further by buying some room air conditioner filter material and lining the area behind the toe kick plate with it. It was porous enough to let air pass yet bulky enough to further dampen the noise. The compressor doesn't come on too often, but when it does, it's quieter that my refrigerator now.

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Perlick Signature units are pretty quiet. In an otherwise quiet room they can be detected when they turn on, but are definitely not obtrusive. The floor is tile.


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Hey all, sorry to post on such an old thread but I need to vent. I purchased the marvel 45 bottle wine fridge for our new remodel. I have to say I am very disappointed in it. Our house is an open concept house with tile floors. When the marvel fridge cycles on it can be heard everywhere in the house. Even upstairs. It's ridiculous. I can hear it over my tv which is 2 rooms away! I had the appliance store send their people out, amd they said the noise levels were Normal and acceptable. Hah! Not acceptable to me. I have now been dealing with the distributor who initially acted like he was going to help but now is blowing me off. It's really frustrating after building your dream home, with so much attention to making it just right, to have something like a wine fridge disturb the peace, Honestly had I known that the fridge was going to be this noisy, I would rather not have one. Storing the wine in my old costco garage wine fridge was just fine. Argh!

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