Repair or Replace 10-year-old Jennair Cooktop?

baseballmom94December 6, 2013

I have a 10 year old Jennair electric downdraft cooktop. The 2 right burners pop and blow a fuse when I turn them off. So I am only using the left 2 burners. My husband and I are trying to decide whether to call a repair person or just simply replace the entire cooktop since it is 10 years old. It would be $1250 plus installation costs to replace the unit but if we repair the unit, how long will it be until something else fails?

I would really like to have a fully functional cooktop over the holidays so am trying to make a quick decision. Any advice?

Also, if we do replace the unit, should we purchase a new one at Lowes, Sears or anywhere else? Also, who does the best installation? Thank you!

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Have you tried reversing the cartridges (left to right, right to left) to be sure the problem isn't in the cartridge and not the main cooktop? (I realize not all Jenn-Air cooktops use seperate cartridges, or do only on one side, but many have removable cartridges on both sides).

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lee676, Thank you for the advice - could you tell me where we would find the cartridges? Do we need to completely remove the cooktop from the counter or are they located underneath?

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If your cooktop looks like this:

there will be a handle either at the front or back of each two-burner unit; the cartridge looks like this:

Another design looks like this and uses a different style of cardridge:

The burners and grill can be removed and reversed on this one; these have the electrical contact pins on the long side of the cartridge; these can also be removed and swapped locations.

As you can see, charcoal grill inserts are amongst the most popular, but double-burner carts are common too.

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I'm still confused. I have a completely flat top electric cooktop. There is not a grill insert.

Here is a similar model to mine:

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