Bosch Unveling Side-Swing Wall Ovens in the Spring!

nadianycDecember 30, 2013

Was at the Designers Building in NYC and saw a prototype of the new Bosch side-swing wall oven set to come out in March or April. Very nice! Apparently, based on the Gaggenau with many of the same features yet less expensive. Has anyone heard anything more about this? Can't find anything on the Bosch website but I guess it's been available in Europe for a while.

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Nadianyc, thanks for posting. Just looked at Gaggenau's website, and those ovens are beautiful. I'm looking forward to manufacturers introducing NEW styles, (maintaining/improving reliability and affordability, of course), rather than staying with the same styles that have been around since before I was born! I wonder why newer technology has boomed in Europe and not so much in the U.S.?

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I was pretty excited, as well barbaraav! The double side-open ovens looked very nice and the price tag of about 4k, much less expensive than a double Gaggenau.

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Thanks deeageaux! Looks great! Where did you find the photo?

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Gosh deeageaux, urrrr Grrrreat! I love the look. If Bosch can maintain reliability and good customer service this oven should open the lane for a whole new set of buyers.

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You got that from the German home page? We have had these for some time. I like the Siemens design even better. These also have a TFT color display.


Here is a link that might be useful: Siemens IQ700 Single oven

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Using Google image search- Australia

Here is a link that might be useful: google image search

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Are Siemens appliances sold in the US?

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No, not officially anyway.

For a while, Best Buy sold Siemens dishwashers which were just stenciled with that name instead of Bosch at the factory in NC.

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Some more pix from CNet's KBIS coverage: they'll be called the Benchmark Series and be sold in single and double 30"w (list price near $3K for single ovens, $4600 for double units). No word on whether 27" or 24" widths will be available. Bosch currently has a full line of 27"w ovens, and Gaggenau has for decades sold side-opening 24"w ovens, recently added 30"w, and briefly had 27-inchers. Anyway the Bosch prices, whilst not low, are easier on the wallet than Gaggenau's side-hinged-door ovens (if not as much so as the my $950 Fagor 24", bought just before they went insolvent). Bosch and Gaggenau are sister companies, so we'll see if they share many common parts, and whether also-related Thermador offers any side-hinged ovens. Hopefully this will become a trend. If it can happen to French-door fridges, why not easy-access ovens?

It seems like the door glass extends lower on the inside than on the outside. I wonder if the doors are field-reversible; on Gaggeanau's ovens they are not and must be ordered with the intended door swing direction. Bosch also will have some speed ovens, steam ovens, and a drawer-type microwave.

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The Gaggenau 30" ovens for comparison. Looks like a wholly different design to me - note thin control panel in center of Gagg, larger control panel at top of Bosch, blue vs. black interior finish, rack differences. Pix of open Gaggenau ovens are hard to find online! Most of these are from eBayers selling them and the like....

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Very nice. Many will probably disagree with me, but I like the look of these Benchmarks better than the Gaggenaus. One advantage is that they will match other appliances much better than the Gaggenaus do, for those who care about that.

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I love the idea - too bad I just redid my kitchen!

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I wonder if the steam oven will have the Gaggenau features (water inlet, drain, broiler) or just the Thermador features.

It certainly opens new options,

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Thanks for the update and the pics Lee!! Looks terrific! Do you know if the March roll-out is still happening? Hope it doesn't get pushed back.

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there are some videos of the reveal in Las Vegas and I believe they quoted April 2. Here's the link....

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These are online now. Complete line of ovens and slide-in ranges redesigned, plus new built-in convection/microwaves (120v and 240v, but the latter don't seem to take much advantage of the extra power), plus a convection steam oven.

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Was hoping to do double ovens-one traditional and another either speed or steam. I wish they all came in side-swing.
Do you think it would odd with double oven configuration of one side-swing and one traditional pull down?

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no, they're designed to meld together regardless of door opening. The short doors on the steam oven are less obtrusive when lowered than the taller, heavier doors on a conventional oven would be, so only they open sideward.

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Thanks for the pic and the info, Lee! Good to know. Now I just have to decide between a speed or a steam. Any thoughts on that?

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The "speed/microwave" ovens look mostly like glorified convection/microwave ovens to me - the 240v model doesn't seem to take advantage of the extra power available to it compared to the 120v versions; the interior doesn't use the full available width. Even so, they may well work fine as a second oven or a microwave. The steam oven seems more interesting, it has steam plus heat convection that can be used together or apart, looks quite useful and doesn't duplicate the function of other common household appliances (I can easily build in a microwave almost anywhere). Looks like you need to refill the water from time to time rather than its having its own plumbing supply. They claim it reheats frozen foods more convincingly than microwaves do if you're trying for just-out-of-the-oven just cooked flavor and texture.

For a speedcooker, I'd go with a GE Advantium 240v over the Bosch speed microwaves; they do alot more and faster. But for the ovens themselves (or the steamer) I prefer the Bosch in several ways, particularly the side-opening models.

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Saw one of the new Bosch ovens today. It was an 800 series but not one with the side-opening door. The rest of the oven is similar though, and since it was near an old-model Bosch oven I could see the changes easily.

It looks like a wholly different design than the old one, inside and out. It wasn't plugged in so I couldn't see how the touchscreen looked or worked, but the silver "buttons" that surround it are just touch-sensitive pads that don't move. The rack guides are engraved into the inner sidewalls rather than to a separate metal frame as in the old model. The double oven I saw had only one telescoping rack, and it didn't slide very smoothly. The lighting is from two round lamps on the back wall placed at different heights, an arrangement I find doesn't work as well as side-mounted lighting. Overall it didn't quite have the high-quality feel I was hoping for, more like a basic GE oven, adequate but doesn't quite seem like a luxury-grade piece. Hopefully the side-opening doors will feel solid and help make up for it.

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I signed up for garden web just so I could post about my new Bosch Benchmark Wall ovens! All I can say is wow. Now, mind you I'd been working with a basic gas range up until my kitchen reno so I had no where to go but up. I put in a Blue Star rangetop and a Bosch Benchmark double wall oven with the side swing door. I took a chance on the ovens because it's a new model but so far (only one month in) it was well worth it. I don't bake deserts so I can't speak to that. I have made roasts and casseroles that have turned out perfect. The controls are easy to follow. The probe works perfectly. The side swing doors are fantastic. The fan is quiet. The preheat time is pretty fast too. Frozen pizza with no preheat fast and perfect! I haven't used the self clean yet - I'm afraid to do that. I plan to do that after the holidays but well within the 1 year warranty just in case. I'm posting this because when I went hunting for reviews on the benchmark wall ovens there weren't any. Of course I'm early on with this appliance - we'll see how long it lasts without a problem and when it does need service we'll see how that goes....

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Thanks for your review TSmith! I think a lot of folks will appreciate it! I still have another few months till I have to have a definitive decision on appliances but I'm having second thoughts. For months, I thought I wanted a Benchmark double convection side-swing now I'm thinking maybe a single side swing with steam convection will serve me better. Sort of liking the idea of one smaller oven with different features. I figure if I need more oven, I'll get the Breville smart oven. Any reason why you decided on the double convention ovens?

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I, too, have a side-swing benchmark wall oven. I am more of a baker than a meat roaster, and so far (6 batches of cookies, bread, muffins, and several cakes) I can tell you that I get lovely and even browning with no need to rotate the baking food. I agree that the fan isn't too loud, either. The side swing doors open widely, and stay put.

I'm glad to hear the probe works, haven't tried that option yet!

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I signed up for gardenweb so I could post to say thanks to you both, TSmith and Juno_barks for your comments on the Bosch side swing ovens. My husband and I are in the process of selecting appliances for a custom home kitchen and the timing of your postings is perfect. I am a big fan of swing ovens for function but Gaggenau has been out of my price range. That Bosch (I'm a long time fan and user of Bosch dishwashers) is making them now is great and we are planning to use side swiing wall ovens in this house. There aren't many customer reviews for them on line given they are so new, so your posts are great to see. Thanks for taking the time to post them! For anyone considering side swing v drop down, it is so much easier to get things into and out of a side swing oven. Light years easier as we age. I hope Bosch has good sales of these so they'll continue making them. That Siemens owns Bosch and Gaggenau both (and Thermador is in the mix now too) suggests they saw a market at the more approachable price point that Bosch provides.

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I am bookmarking this for my next kitchen! LOL

For years I have been bemoaning the fact that the only side swing wall ovens have been the Gaggenau which I will never be able to afford. Thank goodness the manufacturers are smartening up as we Baby Boomers age, LOL

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We are also "aging" (both 63 now) but I think we have one more kitchen remodel in our future, and these side-swing ovens will be at the top of my wish list!

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I am loving my Bosch side-swing oven, and I'm so glad that you found my comments to be helpful. I think it looks good, and any issues with its use, e.g. baking, has only been operator error (that is, my own cooking mistakes).

I also bought the speed oven, and installed it above the wall oven. Three large sweet potatoes cooked to perfection in six minutes. I am feeling happy and spoiled as I get used to using these.

FWIW, I also installed the Bosch 800 series induction cooktop (30 inches). Although I have not yet purchased my full set of cookware, I have really appreciated the even low temperatures that I can achieve.

I have to thank all the posters at GW - though I'm more of a lurker than a poster, I learned so much. Now if I could just get that last 10% of installation finished, I could post some photos.

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Thankful to find this thread. I just came back from an appliance store - where I hope to return next week to finalize our purchase.

Saw the Bosch HBLP651 - wow! For someone height challenged and with short arms to match - will likely save from a lot of owies!

For those who have the ovens in home - any drawbacks?

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