Comparing the Sharp 24" drawer microwaves?

MizLizzieDecember 10, 2012

I understand the original 24" Sharp drawer micro KB6001NS has been discontinued and replaced with KB6524P, which I've pictured here. The new one is .2 larger, but that's not a factor for me. I can still get the old one on eBay but sadly it has now gone OOS at AJM.

Purely from an appearance standpoint, I like the old one a little better. Something about the black vents at bottom. (See attached link.) And it seems more fitted to the space. The new one, looking at the pics, seems to require a template cut to fit. Can anyone tell me if this is correct? The pics on AJM look odd to me because the dimensions given for width are identical, yet the new one has cabinet trim showing around it.

And if anyone knows a reason why the new one is significantly improved (other than being 1.2 v 1.0) I would appreciate your help.


Here is a link that might be useful: Picture of the old one, more fitted to the space

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I have the new one. It's fitted perfectly to my space, and I prefer the cleaner look to the black gills fussing up the look. The new one has a taller internal cavity, IIRC, and has a the auto open/shut feature.

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The OP's picture shows the MW in a cabinet that is wider than 24"; that is why there is trim each side. The dimensions given in the manufacturer's installation instructions are complete and accurate. You can also mount the unit much closer to the bottom of the counter than shown in that photo.

Like Breezy, I prefer the appearance of the new model - if you see both versions in real life, the new one is definitely sleeker/less cluttered.

As to functionality - as Breezy says, the new one has a taller cavity; I think that is a big advantage.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharp KB6524PS installation instructions

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Thanks, breezygirl. The auto open would be nice. So yours just sits in a 24" space atop some drawers, with no cabinet cut-out around it? From what I can see in your pic, that is the case. No wood trim around it. That's the look I want.

Maybe in the Sharp pic, they had put a 24" micro in a 30" cab, and thus needed a template cut out? Seems odd, tho, to do that in their marketing photo.

As always, thanks for your help.

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Okay, PeterH2. Thanks for your response. Sounds like I can pretty much get the look I want with the newer model. I can give up the black trim and be happy with the auto open. ;-) Like I said above, tho, it seems silly of Sharp to show it that way in their stock photo.

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What is even stranger is that the 30" drawer is has the same size interior cavity as the 24" just with more stainless on each side of the face. Also, if you are after looks, Sharp makes all the microwave drawers available in North America be it Dacor, Thermidor, Jenn-Air or Wolf etc. For those who don't want a handle sticking out (our new kitchen is handle and knobless) the choices are Dacor or Wolf.

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Thanks, moebus. I am happy with the Sharp; handle not a problem for me. But I do want a nice install. I guess they make the 30" for those who are dropping them in towers with wall ovens and warming drawers? The 24" wouldn't work for that. For me, to go in the island like breezygirl's -- a 24" is excellent. And I would rather not pay more for a name label.

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Yes, MizLizzie. My drawer doesn't have any fillers or wood showing around it. I agree that Sharp does a disservice to themselves by showing a drawer with those ugly fillers. The fillers do seem to set the MW apart from the rest of the cabs in that image though. Focuses the eye, maybe? I guess non-TKOs wouldn't notice the difference between filler or no filler.

The MW cab in the picture is less than 30", but greater than 24".

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Hmmm, I don't have too much problem with the way the Sharp ad looks. Mine will look similar, albeit with a bit less space on the left. Mine sits in a stack (two short drawers under, then Sharp with top at 36" (dead even with top of adjacent countertop), then small drawer, then Gaggenau Combi at the perfect height, then 34" high cabinet above. Of course, my cabinets are face frame with partial overlay. For frameless, it would look a bit odd.

The Dacor I saw was the size of the earlier Sharp, so less internal height.

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