Experiences with Thermador PRG304GH?

neil1967December 2, 2013


We have the possibility of getting the Thermador PRG304GH as part of an appliance package for our kitchen remodel. We've been searching high and low online for any reviews but have found none. Any experiences, good or bad, with this range?


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I LOVE mine!! I have the griddle with 4 burners, which is the MOST used thing in the kitchen. The oven is great, even heat, I can bake on the uppermost rack and the lowest rack at the same time with no difference.

Mine is all gas, on propane.

The range does stick out a bit from a standard depth cabinet, so consider that if you are remodeling, if you think it would bother you.

FWIW, I got all Thermador appliances, and I am quite pleased.


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Nancy, do you also have the thermador fridge? if so which one and how do you like it?

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We have a Thermador fridge - 30" single-door bottom freezer - being delivered on Saturday. I'll let you know how I like it in a few days!

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Hi Nancy,

Thanks for the info! it sticking out a bit is not a problem. Have you had it long? Ours is also going to be all gas (natural). We also get a Thermador dw as part of the package, and it's gotten good reivews. Btw, I've read that the Extra Low simmer clicks periodically to refire the burner. Do you find it loud and/or annoying?


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We're going to look at Therma gas stoves tomorrow. I'll post if I have an epiphany.

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