fall wreath pic

donnas_gwAugust 20, 2008

Does it look ok? The bow was a pre-made bow that I got at Walmart on clearance for 50 cents several years ago. Right now I don't have any fall ribbon, so that's why I used it. Tell me what you think.

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Very pretty. I do think the bow fights for attention where it is , tho, as it is so much brown and orange, compared to the colors on the wreath. I would try nestling it in among the flowers, right about where the purple gerbera is. Let the flowers work in and around the blow loops, and run the two bow tails in among the flowers, one going upwards toward the cat tails, the other to the left.

Take the last little red flower on the left and put it on the upper left of the wreath, in among the larger clump of green leaves and berries.

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les 917, you're saying put the bow at the top near the cat tails? That picture was actually a lousy one LOL. I've re-taken it and will post it again. I haven't done anything to it. The "red" flowers that you are referring to are really a bright orange. Near the top of the flowers, there's a tiny pumpkin hiding under the leaves with berries. It didn't show in the first picture. Here is the second picture:

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I'm new to all these great forums but I did head up Holiday Boutiques for yrs for our craft club. I was wondering about the "colors" too as flowers looked red. 2nd pic shows much better, I wouldn't move the bow & it compliments the goldish things up by cattails! Enjoy your lovely wreath!!!Jan

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thanks sunnyca...I like it the way it is too. When I took the picture the first time, it looked like there was too much light (flash) in the picture. It was kind of hazy looking. I tried correcting it on Corel Paint Shop Pro X by adjusting different settings (hue, brightness, contrast). I think I over-corrected LOL. I really don't know alot about these photo enhancing programs, especially the meanings of some of the terms and how to use them. I'm also fairly new to a digital camera...have only had mine for a few months.

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Donnas, I love my Kodak easyshare now that I just look into screen instead of trying to hold it up to my eye.Lol.We grandmas have to keep up with the grandkids. I couldn't type until GD 5 yrs old asked me what was wrong with me. I learned. They gave me the camera & about 5 minutes instruction. So I can lighten or darken but not much else. I have some PHoto shop but don't know how to do anything. Hoping DD can get over so I can try & post some pics!! Lurked around couple of yrs & love this forum & GJ & mosaics. So I signed up. Oh, fall wreath-time to change flowers at church & bullitin boards to fall. Wow!! Jan

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Jan, I also have a Kodak Easyshare (613). The last several pics I've taken have turned out really good. I emailed Kodak and explained the "hazy" pics and they told me what I needed to do. You really have to work with your camera. Best to buy a Kodak battery recharger and extra batteries because you will need them. Every time you review your pictures, that helps wear the battery down. That and every time you use your flash.

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My Kodak is cx6445 had it 2 yrs. The 1 piece batteries are very expensive but you can get ones that look like AA batteries. I just got some from CVS Durscell Ultra Digital 4 batteries for $4.99. It takes 2 so much cheaper plus I had a coupon. The bigger battery was over $10. I don't get any haze (maybe because we have smog, not sun)LOL But I find these batteries last quite awhile. Only problem is at night I have tried to take pics of neighbor's Halloween yard & it came out almost black, but I did lighten it up some.Jan

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Sorry, perhaps I didn't explain it well. I would move the bow to where the purple gerbera daisy is toward the bottom, kind of in line with the date stamp in your second picture. Nestle the loops in among the flowers and greens a bit, and work the tails in among the flowers, one tail to the left and one to the right.

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