Scrabble pendants and magnets

emily928August 18, 2010

I've been making Scrabble tile pendants and magnets for a few weeks - at first, I just got into it thinking I could make gifts for friends, but now I'm thinking about trying to sell some of them. I don't know anything about craft selling though. My church has a craft sale in November, and there's a little Christmas thing where people sell stuff they've made at work too. Has anyone had luck selling these? What do you charge?

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Would love to see pictures of your finished work. I'm not sure I've ever seen these before, they sound really neat! Good luck selling them if you choose to do so!

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For selling--Figure your cost to make 1 and double it for a start. Then go looking in gift stores that sell such things--what are they selling for and adjust your price.

Don't try to make a killing or they won't sell. People mostly go to craft sales for something unique and different, but they won't spend if they think it's too much--better to sell 2 than one that's too much and no more, but you want to make a profit too.

Set up your booth so it's attractive. If after the first hour they are not selling put them on sale with a sale sign, but remember your profit margin.

Another option since your objects are small, share the cost of the booth with someone.

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you can get pricing ideas by searching for them on ebay or etsy.


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I'd love to see a picture, too.

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I want to see too.

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My concern would be how much is a craft booth at your church? Is it possible to split the booth with a friend so it's not so costly? I don't imagine you would make a lot of money for the time you would put into making them. I pay 5.00 for a necklace, but not much more. I think it would be neat to go ahead and try. I don't imagine the money investment would be very high? I wonder if you could make keychains out of them too, with beads added to the rope part?


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