Need ideas to recycle plastic bottles

jayokieAugust 7, 2007

I have several bottles that held Benefiber.(sturdy plastic & I can't stand to throw them out) They are in a general shape of a person - "waist" would be high, & "head" section not perfectly balanced, of course. The first thing I came up with is to use a wooden ball for a head & cover w/ fabric, etc to make angels.

They would also make banks by gluing (?) the lids on the bottles. There is a 'pour' opening that would let coins or folded bills be added. It might be interesting to empty with a smaller opening :-) How could these be decorated so help camo the fact that it's made from a recycled item? Someone 'knowing' it & the item 'shouting' it is two different things, IMO.

I also have (again, can't stand to throw them out) Kraft mayo 'jars'...the ones that are an elongated oval, with a large mouth (easier to remove product). I'm using some to hold koolaid packets, bobbins for the sewing machine, etc. If I use one to make a small beginning sewing kit for a teen, how do I, again, camo so it doesn't SHOUT that it was a mayo jar in a former life?

Any other ideas? Thanks!


Anything else?

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OK, if this shows up 2x I am sorry, I was typing along and the message just disappeared.

I use one of the Mayo jars to keep my cone filters in that go with my coffee pot. If you wanted to disguise it, you could get a small bit of shelf liner or wall paper, put on the top, (molding and cutting so you can still open it) and then glue or screw a drawer pull to use as an opener.

the only thing I am thinking of right now for the Benifiber jars is a Snowman or Santa, much like the Angel you already mentioned. I guess you could paint them up to look like Gnome/Fairey houses and stick them in your garden.


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Thanks, Ellie - the Snowman/Santa idea is great. I'll have to get w/ sister & see what we can figure out. Hadn't thought about shelf paper to disguise the mayo bottles. Another good idea. Appreciate your sharing!
Mary (aka JayOkie)

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link for coffee creamer snowman

Here is a link that might be useful: coffee creamer snowman instructions

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I am promising myself to do this one day Singing bottles. If you have your sound on you can hear them

Here is a link that might be useful: Singing bottles

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Thanks! for the additional suggestions & links. It looks like the Santa & snowman directions can be easily adapted from coffeemate to benefiber bottles! Appreciate the help.

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minnie that is just hysterical! LOL

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