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danaohAugust 15, 2008

Would like to say hi to you at Edgewood. What do you sell so I will recognize you?

Which is better, the gym, the cafeteria or the hall?

BTW, how big are the booths, the lady I talked to said she thought they were 6x6, hope they are bigger.

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That would be nice! We have a double booth in the hallway between the cafeteria and gym. It's not the main hall but where the restrooms are. I think there is only one other booth there. WE sell corn hole, PVC chairs, and tons of other little stuff that I can't think of right now. I have red hair so I shouldn't be that hard to spot! My mom sometimes works the booth so you can just ask if it's where I'm at.

As far as where to be, I would say I wouldn't want the hallway. It gets too crowded there and stopped people block your booth. The cafeteria has its postivies and negatives.
They serve food in the cafeteria and there is a place for people to sit and eat. So a lot of people come through there. The negative could be is that they can "scan" your booth while they are eating and miss a lot whereas if they had to walk to your booth they would see more.
The gym is nothing but crafters. You sit back to back with other tables. It also gets a lot of traffic.
We had the cafeteria the first year and then the gym the second. We moved out of the gym into the hallway b/c we decided to get a double space at the last minute.
I say either place would be good, just personal preference.

I think the spaces are 8x10. My mom has the flyer at her house and said she would check when she gets home.

You can feel free to email me direct at randascully@hotmail.com if you have any other questions! Also, the chairperson for the show is very nice and helpful!
Have a good one!

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