My first craft fair experience

concretenprimrosesAugust 28, 2011

A few weeks ago when I was thinking of selling at a fair for the first time, I did a search here and read everything I could about selling at fairs.

I also asked for advice at Garden Junk, which is where I usually hang out.

I learned a lot in both places, and I posted about it on the Garden Junk forum, if anyone is interested. See link below.


Here is a link that might be useful: Craft fair report at GJ forum

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Thanks Kathy for sharing that link what a great set-up. Everything lookded very inticing. I'm glad you did so well the next one will be easier.

Great photos

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Wow!!! I did my first craft show after doing 15 years at the Farmer's Market - it is so scary, huh? Your things were nicely displayed and you did great!!! I hope you had help with loading and packing up - I don't but it would be nice... Your canopy makes for a nice display too. Love my Caravan! I see that you already figured out to cover your table to the ground and you might want to change to a white cloth so not to distract from your beautiul "flowers". I would sugget a folding chair to sit - I use a taller stool that makes it easy to sit, but just as easy to get up and I slide it under my table when I don't need it...

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