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ME1366August 12, 2013

I'm new to the forum but am having trouble thinking through an issue. I want to do a David/Goliath page. I would like Goliath to fall. I envision drilling a hole through a bean and attaching it to fishing line. The fishing line would also be attached to Goliath's head. The problem is having him fall so his feet aren't sticking up in the air. Any suggestions.

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When I taught preschool kids Bible class I just made a felt rock with couple of lines on it & couple of layers glued together & made a slingshot out of Y of a small tree branch & put the "rock" in the rubberband I had attached & pretended to hit Goliath in head & I knocked him down. I did not let kids play with rubberband slingshot! I had both figures of David & Goliath & background of outdoor mountain & valley area. All my figures were felt, they used to have them & you cut them out & assembled them plus I add what I needed to get the story so they could understand it. If story was about Peter by the sea & there was "no sea" I made a felt sea so I could tell more stories using some of same pages for different stories by changing part of background & different figures. Sounds like your Goliath is a doll. Hope this helps!

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I know this is old not sure if you found your answer but what about using a brass fastener to attach his feet then he would rotate on it and lay down

Here is a link that might be useful: brass fastener

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