use for wood blind slats?

gracie01August 6, 2009

I have ~40 2" wood blind slats. Does anyone know how I can use these? They are 24" long, but I could cut them.


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Hi Gracie, My first thought would be to somehow attach several of them together to create a surface that I could paint a garden sign or something on. Or you could use them as is and just cut them to the right length and paint something on them to use them as a plant poke in a flower pot or garden. They also could be nice to attach to a beat up tabletop or dresser top--would add detail and texture. Be sure to post pics for us of whatever you use them for okay?


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Or...make a large wall artform by cutting them in different lengths (2 of the same length) and nail them to two boards placed horizontally..creating a sort of graduated picket fence, on which you could nail or glue small votive shelves-placed in a scattered pattern.

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