kindergartion halloween party favors

mstevensonAugust 27, 2008

Any new ideas! I'm looking for a new idea for a halloween party favor for my grandaughters halloween party. All of you creative people start thinking. You always come up with such good ideas. Thanks

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I did a Halloween party years back for my son's first grade or so and they all loved it. We did "bobbing for apples," pass the "hot skeleton head" (like hot potato game). We also played pin the tail on Frankenstein, etc. All the old games were a hit. We even played "hide the pumpkin" (like hide the button). I used a small faux pumpkin for that game. It was so much fun. For food I would suggest you look at "" website as she has several Halloween recipies that look really neat for parties. Print off the goulish labels she has for bottles and put on soda cans, etc. For little girls you could get that bright orange, black and bright green finger nail polish and do their nails. I think they would like that.

Hope this helped you somewhat.

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Each year for our class Halloween Party, I would buy Plastic Halloween cups, and fill them with little tattoos, Halloween pencils, stickers, Halloween straws,
and little Halloween rings, etc... Then put each into a cellophane, Halloween goodie bag and tie them up with Orange & Black curling ribbon. They liked the idea of being able to use the cup and the straw, when everything was taken out. A great source for these things (especially for school) is Oriental Trading Co. They have great prices and great selections for all kinds of occasions. Hope this helps

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Don't know if you want a "take-home" treat or not. My kids were both born at Halloween ! So 1 yr I had cupcakes baked in those flat bottomed ice cream cones- kids liked them.I decorated the tops. Some kind of little bugs-spiders, snakes,spider rings or rings that change color would be fun. Look at Big Lots, how about bubbles in those little tubes-like they use at weddings, might be too messy. Could be decorated with bk/orange ribbon. I sent bags of homemade carmelcorn with peanuts- I'd skip the peanuts these days tho in those little Halloween goodie bags tied shut with ribbon, Jan

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Hi I answered you above, and on the 'Holidays' site, and I know in most schools as in mine, Peanuts & Popcorn are a 'No No'...there are many dietary situations that restrict giving these out. So I suggest that you check w/your child's teacher to see if it's okay to do this. As I mentioned, look into Oriental Trading Co.. It's a great source for ALL cute Seasonal items..

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Double check with the school before you get too far into the project. Like slinkey said - there are getting to be many restrictions on what can be sent - even our school went to "no home-baked" goodies last year. Only pre-packaged stuff. That is ok, I guess. I am comfortable with what I make, but I am not so sure about some others, lol!

I have made the paper mache pumpkins from the Martha Stewart site - very easy, but time consuming. You blow up small water balloons and cover them with orange tissue paper strips. Paint the strips with wallpaper adhesive/size and put a couple layers on the balloon. I clip them to a laundry rack to dry. Then cut the balloon and pull it out the top (leave the very top open with the first bunch of strips) - then fill with candy and/or halloween trinkets. Cover the tops with more strips. When dry add jack-o-lantern faces with a marker. They are really neat - but like I said - time consuming.

I can dig out the Martha Stewart magazine that has the good directions if you are interested.

This is a free printable from Prim Doodles:

You can print out an "icicle box", fold it, and fill it with candy. You could even personalize them if you are familiar with using photo editing software. She has another design that has a Raggedy Ann doll with a pumpkin. Go to the link below - click on the printable you want so it goes to full size and then save it to your computer. You can print right from "My Pictures" if you don't have editing software.

Check out the whole Prim Doodles site - bag toppers, popcorn wrappers, cards - tons of stuff and it is all free.

Here is a link that might be useful: Prim Doodles - printable gift bags/boxes

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iowagirl2006, I just made paper mache Jack O' Lanterns,
with my DGS. I used to do this quite often with my class as a Halloween project. We used a Balloon and then strips of newspaper...After drying for a day, I cut out faces and then we painted them with orange acrylic paint. I Shellacked mine.. And inserted vellum paper on the inside, that I had painted the eyes/nose/and mouth on. I then punched a small hole on either side, and inserted a wire for a handle.. Looks like an old fashioned one that I have... You're right though, it's time consuming, but fun.

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That sounds neat slinky!

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Sorry I goofed on my answer above. i talked to teacher & they cut out homebaked stuff 5 yrs ago, state law. They do still have popcorn she said. I should have known better as both GK have allergies to all kinds of nuts. Really can't bob for apples either. (diseases) so at adult party we used clothes line & tied the apples on. Each person worked on just 1 apple. Hard to get them too, LOL. GK'S go to private school so don't know if they have same rules. I apoligize for not checking it out 1st. Jan

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Thanks for posting "Prim Doodles" site. I haven't been there in awhile and those little boxes are so adorable.

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