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sailor86August 14, 2008

My dad was into miniatures(dollhouse furniture,clothing, etc). He left behind a collection of his minis and since I am not in that profession, I was wondering where was the easiest and quickest route to getting some gas money for these accessories. Everything is in new condition. You have to pay a fee for ebay as I understand it and I'm broke. Help, anybody?

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Try Craig's List in your area.. it's free to list...

Those are definitely collectors items and should mean big business to the right person.

Here is a link that might be useful: Craig's List

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That was my answer - Craig's list. Also - if you have a community newspaper .. .I'd advertise there . We have an actual store here that sells doll house mini's . There's got to be a great interest in it .

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If the quality is good enough and you have more than a few you may try the craft stores like Michae's or Hobby Lobby. You never know.

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I was very active in miniatures and held workshops, published articles in mags. If the miniatures are antiques and well made there is a big interest in them. If they are from typical miniature stores the value is fairly low.

Due to an illness I can no longer work in the area of miniatures. Have kept the most valued, but ended up giving away tons of items to those I knew loved the hobby and appreciated receiving them. Most interest is now in 1/4 - 1/16 scale.

I tried Craigs List and only got 2 responses. They were after specific items and could not go through everything to find one or two things.

Depending upon the amount of items you have, you might want to contact all the clubs and hold a miniature garage sale for a couple of days. Put up a sign saying that all left after the first day will be half price the next. This would get people to buy quickly and a lot. Having a garage sale would keep from having people show up at all times of day and take a much longer time to sell them.

Also, there are online clubs that you can advertise free on. Search for Miniatures Dollhouses. Will also give you a sense for the values and how others are selling items.

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