felting wool sweaters for purses.

danaohAugust 5, 2008

The last 2 or 3 sweaters have felted funny. They are 100% wool. The bottom inch or so has not felted as much as the body, so it "ruffles" a little. It is a continuous pattern, so shouldn't be any different. Guess I will use the bottom as a fold over on the top (is that clear?) Anyway, just wondered if anyone else has run into that, and is there a fix? I have put them in the washer 4 times.

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I know nothing about "felting" except my darling Sister-in-law was at my house for a visit and deceided to wash some clothes, That's the beginning of the story !
She also threw in one of my expensive all wool sweaters and then put it in the dryer on high !!!! Oh, woe is me! It was felted ! This story is just for fun and not advise !

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I don't know anything about this craft either, I just found out what felted wool was! I've sure done that by accident a few times, wish I'd kept that pretty pink fuzzy sweater I had. I've seen some small birds and pincushions I'd love to make out of it, and I did look up purses, those are so nice! I also saw a pair of mary-jane slippers that looked sweet, I'd make those and wear them! I'll have to check Goodwill for sweaters and socks.

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Try googling "felting by hand". My sister in law felts by hand in her kitchen sink with hot water. But, I have no idea if she scrubs the wool item between her hands, or how she does it.

Are you putting a couple pairs of jeans or something in the washer with them to help with the agitation process? At least in the sink, doing it by hand, you can control the areas you want to felt more. I'm sorry I can't help you more. I don't know if you asked on the knitting forum, if anyone there can help you more, or not. It can't hurt to try.


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