Fence Post Pumpkin

oddieAugust 22, 2007

Mine was made useing scraps of landscape timbers!

Heres a link in case you would like to make your own


I didnt sine up for the pattern, just printed out the photo and used carbon paper.

Happy Crafting


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Forgot to add, I could not get the spiders painted right, plan on looking at the dollar store for some of those plastic ones to glue on.

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Your pumpkins are cute. Did you prime them first? I know how wood "drinks" in the paint. I've always spray painted mine first before painting with my acrylics.

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Oh, those turned out so good! What great work.

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Thank you! glad you liked them.
I used a base coat of paint, then the orange, maybe because the landscape timbers are treated it didnt drink up the paint as bad as raw wood would.
I do use a darker color base coat because the orange I have on hand is to bright.
Happy Crafting

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Very cute. ~Anj

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I've enjoyed in particular the little faces you've painted on these... Nice faces full of expression.

I love Halloween!

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Thank you! I can not take credit for the faces as its just my way of painting them from that photo,still need to find the spiders as they do make the face!
I have seen some other cute crafts for fall I will post when I can find the links, I mostly save the photos then wonder where I saw them at.
Happy Crafting

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Great job Oddie!!! I have some of these, but I cheated and bought them. Another awesome project!!!

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Oddie, Thanks for posting these! Had a bunch of 4x4 scraps laying around after building our deck and begged DH not to throw them....'I'll make something'!

Here are mine!

Here is a link that might be useful: 4x4 pumkins and ghost

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Beautiful job gram! love the ghost also!
my hubby is as bad as me, he brings me things to make stuff out of,we have to beg each other to throw stuff away LOL!!
Happy Crafting

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Gram, you and Oddie did a great job. Loved all of them.

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Gram, yours are really cute too. Love those expressions, and is that a doorknob nose? So cute. Where have you been? We've missed you around the forums. Luvs

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Hi Gram~ We have missed you. Hope things are going well. I've got my 4x4's all ready for DH to cut for me. Yours are so cute. I love how you used the word Boo to make the one ghost face. Very clever! ~Anj

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Thanks all, I am having a ball with these! Haven't had much down time this last year and these are quick and easy! Thanks again, Oddie, it got me out of my slump!!

Luvs..the nose and the stems are those wooden candle holders, that I some how got a stash of years ago!

Anj, thanks for noticing that Boo face! About 17 years ago, when my first grand was 3, I made him a Boo doll. Just cut out a Gingerbread shape out of muslin and stuffed it. Then with a marker, did the Boo face. Well, then along came 2,3,4,5,6 grands and they all got one. So plain and simple but they loved them. The next 18 grands...did not get one!! heehee

Friends are dropping off 4x4's for me to paint. Will have my dear daughter take some more pics when I am done. Am going to try doing a scarecrow one today.

Thanks for 'missing' me! Trust me, I have sooooo missed these forums! Will post in conversations at TD in a few days to catch you all up. Meanwhile, it sure feels good to be back!

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