beaded Christmas netted glass ball ornament cover

jasmineflowerAugust 18, 2008

Does anybody have a pattern for making beaded Victorian ornaments? I want to find ones for bead netting around glass ball ornaments. They create an elegant cover that you place over the glass ball. Some drape and others enclose the ball. Often the beading designs are similar to those used for making Victorian lampshade fringes. I can make lampshade fringe, but it's hard to adjust the pattern to fit on the Christmas ball. I would like patterns for any size of ornament. I can find only a couple of patterns on the internet. There are several books containing patterns, but I don't want to purchase any of them. They are expensive... considering you only get four patterns per book. I know there are probably a few of you that would gladly share your pattern or suggest a website that might help me obtain free patterns. Thanks!!

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Jasmine, try typing "beaded Victorian ornaments" in your web browser line and see what you come up with. I have seen them, but not a pattern to make them. Aren't they just styrofoam balls that you put the bead onto a sewing pin and then stick it into the ball? Find different shaped styrofoam balls at Michael's, Joann's or even Walmart.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


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I have what your looking for dear. I make these every year, an no craftylady, they are not styrofoam balls, they are very elegant beaded glass ornaements. I make mine with swarvski crystals just dripping off of them. Even my hot air balloons drip in onyx and crystals, or amythist, or jade,,,I have a blast making these, an would be willing to scan a few of my books for you. You can find alot of patterns online, but alot are just dreary looking. I have found them cheaply at around 5.00 a pattern. Here are some like I make,,,
Email me at

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Wow! those are sure beautiful--but way beyound my talents. TFS. Luvs

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Very very beautiful, nightshade. My problem would be a lack of tolerance for the time it must take to make just ONE!

They sort of remind me of those beaded 'nets' used over a wine bottle, which I draped on a small lamp shade.

I think i've seen them used on glass balls and very expensive. I can understand why! ;o)

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Yes, some do take many hours to complete but others are just a couple. I make these regularly, giving them as gifts, displaying them year round in my home, decorate my christmas tree with them every year and of course I do sell them on occasion. If you'd like, e-mail me and I could send you a couple of the patterns that I use.

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if anyone would like a pattern on how to make the beaded Christmas netted glass ball ornament you can get it here

if you have problems let me know at "" and I will email it to you

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You can buy them too at or see different ideas

Here is a link that might be useful: Crafty anna

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