Recycling blinds

lindyloooAugust 3, 2011

Hi, does anyone have any great ideas with what to make with 2' wide white composite/faux wood blinds. I have alot left over after shortening my new blinds. Was wondering what cool uses there would be for it.Thanks.

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If you have 5 and they are fairly long, you can make a star. Depending on how you then paint it could be rustic or fancy. Use as a wreath, 4th of July decor, or Christmas decor. 5 of any stick makes a star. I've been wanting to make some myself. The link below is with popsicicle sticks, but I've seen them made with yardsticks, tree branches etc. that were very cool! I imagine blinds could work the same way. and you can make more points by using more sticks of course.


Here is a link that might be useful: 5 pointed popsicle stick star.

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You could make signs with them. They are probably not very weather proof tho. I saw a pic of a sign in the garden that was like a crossroads sign with many on one post with directions to different places on the property, some made up, on it.
Then for indoors there's always inspirational sayings, Scarey halloween sayings, children's names for their doors etc... If you can paint, just something pretty.
Have fun!!


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They make great plant labels! I grab all the little plastic horizonal blinds I can find at garage sales and cut them up. I'm sure a manic gardener like myself would love them!

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