Delta Trinsic Touch Faucet malfunctioning

Madeline616December 17, 2012


X-posting in kitchens.

I have the Delta Trinsic touch faucet. It's about 9-10 months old, and it's just begun malfunctioning. It only works on and off, and sometimes I can't get any water out at all.

I've tried changing the batteries, but to no avail.

Just wondering if anyone has any thoughts or experience with this. If it's under warranty, I guess I'll still have to pay the plumber to do the replacement?

Are there far superior brands, meaning should I cut my losses and just buy a Brizo or another really good brand?

Any input is appreciated, as always!



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I have a Brizo touch faucet that also has problems, and has had for some time. In my case the lost-computer-mind can be corrected temporarily by performing a reset, for which a button is available. There are also mechanical issues with the spray head.

My impression is that Delta tried to computerize features on the cheap, building unreliable software and insufficient design margin hardware. If testing was sufficient, these issues would have been detected. So either they didn't test adequately, or they manufactured the units anyway, selling the Brizo design as high-end. I don't know where the Trinsic is priced.

Does yours continue to malfunction after you reset it? If it doesn't have a reset button, then unplug it for a few minutes and see what it does after plugging it back in.


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Hi Kas,

Thanks for your info and insight.

I briefly removed the batteries (long enough to change them), so
I'm not sure if that was long enough for a reset. I'll take them out for a longer time today.

When you say unplug--does the Brizo actually require a socket?

If I recall correctly, the Delta was either $200 less or $400 less than the Brizo--the Delta was around $400.

Do you know of any other brands that might be better?

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The Brizo uses wall power with battery backup. Batteries are at the base of the control unit which is intended for wall mounting.

The last time I looked at the batteries I had to do some refurbishment because they had corroded. This is not typical of alkaline batteries, so it was unclear whether the batteries were defective or the unit is mistakenly trying to charge them. It is time for another look. Thanks for reminding me.

I haven't looked at alternative brands. At worst I will defeat the entire system and run run it in good ol' historical manual mode. The non-touch Brizo faucet at our prep sink operates correctly without any drama.


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