Corner Bookmarks

kudzukweenAugust 6, 2008

posted these on Trash to Treasure also....found the orange printed one at the dollar store for a buck, figured out how to make a template after a few tries, and made these very quickly. I read a lot, so does everyone I know, so this is a useful and beautiful craft. You can use corners of envelopes, your junk mail :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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These ARE cool. Is the leather thong attached to the bookmark?

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That's a great idea! Something I haven't seen before either. Good thinking! Luvs

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Thanks ya'll :) I cut out a rectangle with a tab on one side of the top long side, then folded it into a triangle with back seams down the center, with a little glue on the tab. I hope that made sense'm not good at directions. For ones with ribbon, I cut out a small length and glued it into the tip of the triangle before I glued the back shut. I used decorative scissors for some on the bottom edge, but I don't know yet if that was a good idea. I slid a bead onto the bottom of the ribbon and tied a knot to keep it on. You could make a ton of these things in just an hour, lol! I used cardstock and heavier paper that I already had, and I already had ribbons and beads,too.

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Great job!! I love it!!


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FlamingO in AR

What a fun and useful little bookmark, great for slipping into a birthday card or something like that!

Thanks for sharing, Kudzukween!

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Kudzukween....I emailed you...

LOL...I got my idea for these from the dollar store too.

Here are the ones I've been making.

I use card stock. Emboss them with the brass stencils and use scrapbooking chalk on them
I cut the edge with the fancy sissors then poke them with a needle to make them look like eyelet lace.


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Hmmmm that bottom one was supposed to be enlarged so you could see the detail...sorry I don't know where I went wrong.


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Pattico, those are just so pretty and very feminine looking. I've got some of those brass stencils somewhere in my craft room. Got some cardstock too and decorative scissors too. But I'm not quite understanding how you are getting the corners out of the cardstock? Just folding it over like an envelope corner? Please elaborate so I can get a mental image--or better still, a pic showing the folds? Luvs

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Luvs...I have to meet my hubby for lunch...when I get back I'll take a picture of the pattern and post it...OR...if you want to email me at... pattico 1 at yahoo dot com....I'll send you one snail mail.


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Here is the pattern...

The pattern will fit with a little room to spare on a 4x6 index card.

The pattern is 5 1/2" wide, 4" high on the higher side and 3 1/2" on the lower side.

the lines making a triangle are fold lines. Fold to the back
there is a glue area on the taller flap.

I only cut the fancy edge from one fold line around the center to the other fold line.

Hope you don't mind I went ahead and posted the pattern Kudzukween...I don't mean to steal your post. Don't throw tomatoes at me....(unless they are good ones fresh out of your garden....I could use some for supper)


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Wow, Patti...I love that you made a pattern to share! :) Thank you so much:) The embossing is beautiful,and the colors you chose are perfect.
I don't mind at all,lol, I think it's great....
I got an ABC catalog, and noticed something in there,cheap,but looked nice, to cut out doily/lace-type designs in scrapbooking,etc. I think I'll order it and see if it actually works,and let you know!
Oh,and I love how you put the ribbon trim on by using a hole punch, looks way easier than trying to make that ribbon fit in the top.

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Kudzukween and Pattico, Much thanks to both of you for sharing such a cute idea!

Pattico, thanks so much for doing up a pattern for us! That is wonderful, and I can follow this one just fine.

I can't wait to make some to send to my DS/DSIL, cousins, friends, etc. And what a cute thing to add to a book given as a gift to someone. I can see them in made up in holiday colors too. Lots of possibilities. Love it! Luvs

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Morning...and you are welcome...

I tested printing the pattern out this is just a tad (about a 4th of an inch) larger than it should be when printed, at least on my printer. It should be cut down about an 8th of an inch all around.

Good luck.


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