How to silence open door alarm on Samsung Refrigerator

gordonrDecember 18, 2013

We have a Samsung french door refrigerator model RF263AEWP that is freezing up and failing to cool the refrigerator section (freezer still works). The control panel doesn't have a dedicated "alarm" button. I thought I remember a prior service person pushing a series of buttons together to stop the "door open" alarm. Does anyone know the way to do this?

Back Story:
The repair guys were here and have ordered the replacement parts, but to get the refrigerator section working again we need to manually defrost it by leaving the doors open for a while till the ice surrounding the circulating fan melts. We had this same problem a couple months ago, but at that time the repair people just took the fan assembly apart and physically removed the ice. This time the guys said it couldn't be done without potentially destroying the coils because the insulation started to separate so he wouldn't take any action to get it working in the interim (return service to install new parts is 1 week out). It will probably take quite a long time to thaw the assembly by this method and therefore the desire to silence the alarm.

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Why not contact Samsung tech support?

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Think I may have misunderstood what the prior technician did. There is a "cord" sequence to turn off the entire frig from the control panel by holding two buttons down at the same time till a function code comes up on the display. That is probably what they had done, and of course that stops the beeping but also stops the cooling of the freezer.

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Have you tried closing the door?

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