Thin wax string for bracelets

msa62001August 9, 2010

My daughter just got back from Guatemala where she learned to make really cool bracelets using thin wax coated string in different colors. Now she's looking for more string. Michael's didn't have it. Where on line might we look?


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She probably used waxed linen thread. Two places it can be found are Ben Franklin and Amazon. I made macrame bracelets and necklaces from this thread in the 70s, so it must be making a comeback. OR, it could be totally different. Back then it was usually found in hippie shops.

In the 90s I made an Indian style basket necklace with that thread and flat reeds(?). The basket measures about 2" x 1 1/2".

If you google waxed linen thread, you will probably find more places to purchase it.

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Could you use waxed dental floss in a pinch ?

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I use waxed linen for weaving. I love to order my supplies from both Country Seat: and BasketPatterns:

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Leather shops have waxed thread for sewing leather

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You can also try Fire Mountain Gems website. Prices seem to be reasonable. I get thier emails, but have not yet ordered from them, tho have been told by a relative that orders from them that they are good.

Tami..who uses Nymo thread or Fireline.

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Could you use fising line? Would not stretch, but strong.

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