? for small business crafters who make a living

concretenprimrosesAugust 19, 2011

Where do you get your health insurance? Is there a special small business group?

Seriously tho, we will lose our health ins. in October and the Cobra is $1500/month! We already are part owners of a small business (Not crafting - 1 employee, either my dh or I, depending on who has other work). I would love a lead on a good small business insurance group as we would like to expand this business. In addition, I would like to try selling things that I make in a more serous way rather than looking for a job based on whether it has insurance benefits or not. I am in New Hampshire.



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If you are a member of the Chamber of Commerce, call and see if they can give you suggestions. There is a small business insurance policy for our C of C members, but I don't know anything about the premiums, etc.

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that's a good idea thanks. I could probably ask other people in the same business if there is a group specifically.
That is why I wondered if there was a Small manufacturing (crafter) insurance pool/group.

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Go to a craft show (big one) and during a slow time ask the crafters. Look at crafting magazines at the ads. Ask an Independent Insurance Agent.

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Hi, did you try Etsy.com? I don't know about ins. but they have blogs and info on business ---so maybe :) God Bless,Kim

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Thank you for your suggestions.
Someone else suggested the Farm board, which unfortunately doesn't offer insurance in NH, but I mention it because it sounds worth checking into in some states.

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Have you looked into any state programs?
Here's the link for the state health insurance

Here is a link that might be useful: NH Health plan

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Thanks christopherh. I was wondering how you survived Irene.

We will have cobra so are not elegible for the state plan, but I sent the link to a friend of mine whose cobra may be expiring. $1500/mo is too much for us to do for long unless we want to deplete our savings. I have applied for a part time job that would about cover the cobra. That may be the best solution at the moment while we look for a policy for our business.

I am hoping to find a business policy to cover employees that is not too expensive, rather than an individual plan. Unfortunately if our business paid all or part of our cobra, it apparently is not considered a business insurance expense and therefore not elegible for the tax incentives to provide health care to employees. Has to be a policy "owned" by the business. At least that's my reading of the rules. But an insurance professional my know more.

I think what holds entreprenuers back is the expense of health insurance, not regulations as some claim.


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Yeah, we got hit pretty hard. Most of the rain fell in the upper mountains and had no place to go other than downhill. The glacial creekbeds that usually carry the snowmelt couldn't handle the rain so we had flooding. Here's some videos of my area.

This is a tree hitting the West Arlington Covered Bridge. At the beginning of the video, you can see a house. That's where Norman Rockwell lived. The river rose 8 feet in 3 hours.


Next is Quechee, Vt and the river doing major damage to the bridge.


And last is the Saxon's River. You usually don't even see it from the road at all.


I've seen many floods in my life, but I have never seen rivers this angry.

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It is awful. I have friends along the white river and the ottaquechee river and saw some of the destruction in the days after.

The one fortunate thing is apparently the natural world in New England repairs itself faster than other parts of the country. I never knew that it took so long in other places but read a piece about it.


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