Anything New for Xmas??????

enjoyingspringAugust 27, 2008

Have been looking for something new to make for Xmas this year, BUT, there seems to be no new ideas out there.

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Have you checked out any websites for "holiday crafts?" There's a ton of stuff out there. Check out "marthastewartcrafts" for one. I, for one, think she's got some great crafts.


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There's a lot new to me....I've been making all kinds of quick and easy projects, or things I happen to have all the things to make it with, or are cheap to buy or somehow get my hands on. I've made button bracelets, there are DOZENS of different ways to make them,not to mention button necklaces and chokers,and button hair accessories, and they're just cute as can be. I made cardstock bookmarks,and even the gift boxes to wrap them in. Mosaic bird houses and just about anything I got my hands on I mosaiced:) I made fairy jars from photos of my grandchildren. Old plates with photos of the grandchildren set in resin. Collage pieces on Formica samples and in Altoid tins
Scrabble tile pendants,all sorts of things from silver plated flatware such as single bud vases, and lapel pin vases,single and double handled bracelets, lapel pins from the tips of handles,wind chimes from spoons and forks,keychains with spoon and fork handles....I can't even remember all the new things I tried,lol! I'm about to start making some album purses,too, and a few other things made from old records and albums. And purses from old game boards..maybe even frames,too!
I don't know if you want ideas for men,or women, or boys or girls,a family gift, or to make things to sell for the holidays..but I'm sure everyone else has tons of ideas,too :) Oooh....and check out CraftBits and Etsy shops, they have the most talented people there.
Have fun and share your past Christmas craft ideas and photos of them:)

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I 2nd what Barb said! Good for you to be trying so many new things Cherry. Gosh if you've found a new project for old records, you will have lots available, I see boxes of them at all the TS. I've seen the melted bowls and clocks using them too, but those are not "new" ideas. Can't wait to see more of your projects as you complete them. Now I'm off to check out Craftbits--never heard of that.

Enjoyingspring, I hope you saw something in Cherry's post that might be of interest to you.


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A question for "Cherry"--Kudzukween

Where did you find directions for...."I made fairy jars from photos of my grandchildren. Old plates with photos of the grandchildren set in resin. "

Wonering what fairy jars are,and how to do the plates with grandkids' pics.


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I love working with wool-felt. It is not new by any means, but it is fun to make little things with it.

I have made some little candle mats for the mini jars.

I also made some inserts for the mugs that you can put pictures in - and put the wool felt stitchery in. Those are really cute.

I don't make anything to sell - just for my own fun and enjoyment.

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Hi ya'll...back from the hurricane, I sure missed my internet and phone!
I spend a lot of time looking up crafts. I type in what materials I do have, so I don't have to spend much money.I love Martha Stewart,and find lots of ideas there. Just recently found some sachets she did that I want to make. I saw some velvet ribbon bookmarks she did with rubber stamps...I can never have enough bookmarks!
The felted wool is so cute,and who hasn't shrunk a sweater they could practice that craft with? lol..I love the purses and little pincushions made from those. And the cupcake pincushions made from chenille. I saved a lounge dress made of lavender chenille, I want to see what I can make of it.
The fairy jars I saw some online somewhere,and I copied. I had boxes of the blue jars and zinc lids I bought at yard sales that I could use. I took photos of my grandkids and added wings in photoshop, then used glitter glue pens and rhinestones and cut them out,I curved them a little to go around the inside of the jar by rolling them on something. I placed them against the inside front of the jar, then filled the jar with some blue and some pearly clear Easter grass type filler. I had bought a box of battery operated flickering votives at a yard sale, so I used some adhesive velcro to attach them to the inside of the jar lid.
The photo plates were a Christmas gift from my former daughter in law. I gave her some antique white plates she wanted to make photo frames out of. She cut out photos and glued them to the center of the plate, which was beautiful. At the time I was in the middle of making batches of resin spoons, so I asked her if she minded if I poured some over them. Anyway, it came out great, then I used some velvet ribbon,some silk "dried" roses, and some buttons and beads to decorate them with. I sprinkled a tiny bit of glitter in it,too.
There are so many projects made from old records and albums. I actually got one purse cut out,but not sewn together yet. I found the clear vinyl at WalMart for $2.57 a yard, where you buy the tablecloth vinyl at. I bought some transparent thread to sew it with, that's the part I'm worried about. I read that if the tension is too tight it will just saw through the vinyl.
Let me see if I still have photos of these projects.
Happy Junqueing,

Here is a link that might be useful: glass and totems

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WOW Cherry, I just took a look at your album. I just love your work. Those fairy jars are adorable. And you do excellent work on mosaicing. Thanks so much for sharing all your ideas.

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