Ooops did it again, need your help

tralynnAugust 19, 2009

Well I did it again. Waited till the last minute. I really need your help with this one.

I work at a feed store, and we are having a customer appreciation day. I need to think of something to give as a gift to our women customers. In the past I have made alot of the gifts, but I am really at a loss as to what to do this year.

I love creating things, and the women seem to really enjoy getting something that has been made for them instead of just buying something.

These women are farm women. They love their animals, gardening, families and they do not pamper themselves.

I have some kitchen towels that are left over from gifts I made a couple years ago along with some potholders. I do not have to use these, but I can if you can think of anything to do with these. Money is an object, I need to keep the cost at a minimum.

I would appreciate your ideas but hurry time is running out.

Thanks everybody.

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what about ornaments that are braided wheat? I've seen them shaped into hearts and other shapes. Don't know how to do them, but that would fit into the 'farmer' theme. Just a thought.

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The towels that tie or hang on a handle are always useful. Not enough time to crochet tops, but perhaps you could sew tops and ties for them using scrap fabrics.

Or maybe you could "pamper" them a bit, and go to Michael's dollar bin for some bottles of lotion. Tie them in a circle of fabric or netting to make them look festive.

Flavored coffees or teas are always a good choice too. Plop a bow on them or do the circle of netting idea to make them special.

If you have a 99 cent type store, they usually have the small potted plants. Buy some of those and tie or hot glue a pretty bow on the pot. Most women love getting plants.

Or since you work in a feed store, perhaps you have access to some birdseed. How about creating a birdseed ornament they could hang in a tree or on their patio? I'm sure you could google for instructions to make them wildlife safe.


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A couple of years ago I made up cute bags to give to some of the merchants and medical staff people that I really appreciated. I put in small tubes of hand cream, lip protection, to some hand towels, small packs of kleenex, cute note paper etc. I just went into Target, Walmart, etc and looked for the small travel sizes. Most of the people really appreciated this instead of boxes of candy. Oh yes I did put in some small wrapped pieces of candy.

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