polymer clay project

luthienAugust 17, 2009

hello :)

yes! i'm back!! and i've been playing ... with polymer clay! i've always wanted to try it out but never got to doing it. finally ... i did, and it's really fun! i feel like a kid playing with plasticine, only this one is so much more expensive to buy.

i started with 2 packs of 2oz sculpey premo ... black and pearl (easiest colors to begin with!) and these were the first things i made ...

just wanted to learn how to make canes and discover how polymer clay actually works. then i got sort of addicted and went and bought some more! in neon colors!!

which i experimented and made into beads and tealight holders :)

and then ... i finally created my first ever complete polymer project ...

i mounted the tealight holders on a piece of driftwood and turned some beads into incense holders by gluing them "hole-side" up :) this was so much fun to make, and it makes me smile when i catch a glimpse of it becoz of the happy colors!

as always i'ld love to hear your thoughts on this :) i know i have a loooong way more to go in this craft but the discovery stage is always the most fun for me :)) if you like to read more about the creative process and see more pictures you can visit the link below :))

have a great week and GIANT HUGS to you all!!

luthien :)

Here is a link that might be useful: my first polymer clay project

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That's just adorable ! I was going to jump in with 2 feet to do polymer clay - something I've always wanted to do . I did my usual - buy all the stuff and learn later . Well -
"ALL the stuff is still in the basement - ready to be used" . *sigh* Your stuff inspired me to get at it ! I have to learn to stop being so uptight about getting everything RIGHT - and just have fun like you did .

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thank you very much toomuchglass :))
LOL!! i know exactly what you mean :) experimenting can be scary but it is also very very fun!! :) good luck on your experimenting!! and yea ... just have fun! :) have a great weekend!

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